In what way do these technologies represent opportunities for the church?
John Siegrist

Hi John, thanks for the comments. Yep, I certainly do undertstand the tech, but in the field for 25+ years. I am developing Chatbots for churches today, dabbling with AR and of course AI.

As for applications. Some quick examples for you:

  1. AR — Digital characters in bible studies that the kids can interact with. Meet the church tours. AR will become part of everyday life just like websites in the future and the Generation beyond GenZ will relate to the world in this way so we need to be considering that now.
  2. Chatbots — On demand training and customer service. E.g. What time are your services? What do you believe about…? What the best way to evangelise? The latter is the training part as you can send some video. My belief (and I have stats to back it up) is that Chatbots will become the primary interface to replace website within 3 years. Think about it, when we go to a website, we are normally going to it with a question…what time, tell me about etc…again, kids will grow expecting this. We were slow to adopt websites, let’s not be slow to adopt this next wave.
  3. Blockchain — Cryptocurrencies are great and send money across boarders, but that is a very low level application of Blockchain and its potential as a public ledger is much greater. Membership, understanding purchasing patterns, supplier contracts etc etc
  4. Open APIs — We are stronger together than apart and with Open APIs across all our church platform would be amazing to build bigger and better solutions rather than proprietry stand alone solution with minimal impact.
  5. AI — Independent learning journies for discipleship. A specific set of reading etc based on previous knowlege of other with similar profiles. Christ asked us to make disciples and we can use AI to create somehting that will have significantly more relenvance that rolling out another bible study (spray and pray)

These are just a few. As you asked about AI specifically it is worth another example, we can use data we collect in church, combined with AI analytics to predict demand, identify whitespace, understand needs etc.

Its all about Data to Insight to Action. The tech itself in just the tools to use.

My major issue is that we dont think about how we could use it deep enough. We should be asking God to help us leverage the tech to be able to reach people. We need to get creative with our thinking.

Happy to talk more and hope this helps?

Thanks again for the comment.

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