Intent Before Content

This is not a new saying, but recently I have been reminded of the core wisdom of this statement, especially as it applies to Digital Church.

Over the years, both in business and Church, I have seen initiatives come and go. Some minor, some highly disruptive. Some powerful, some utterly pointless.

If you look back at the ones that were successful in making a difference, there is a clear correlation between those that focused on helping the audience understand ‘why’ the changes were coming, versus those that focused on the ‘how’ or ‘what’.

Intent before content is such an important foundation that I have surprised myself as I read back over my blogs so far and realise that I have not been very clear in my intent and it could be easily misread that I am interested in Digital Church because I like technology and am a bit disgruntled with the current formal church structure.

Whilst both of these may be true to certain degrees, I wanted to spend a little bit of time trying to help you understand my intent when I talk about Digital Church.

Love Church

The main thing that I need to say is that I do actually love Church and I am not trying to build Digital Church as a way of creating my own vision of Church. This is important to say, as I can totally see why someone might think that.

If I am honest, I would say that there have been times when the direction of my thinking has been fuelled by frustrations with the current model of Church. As I have grown a little older and wiser, I am beginning to really understand that Church is so much more than meetings, activities, programs, schedules, services or small groups.

Church IS Family

In families there is a place for formality and informality, but mostly we are together to love each and share each others burdens.

When I look at Digital Church today, I am not so much interested in the glitzy tech like VR or 360’ cameras that create an ‘experience’, but rather how we can use the technologies to further unite a family and provide ways where people can be supported, loved and developed to be the best they can be.

Technology Supports Church

Technology has proven it’s capability to bring people together, unite causes, generate passion and find even the most difficult to reach people.

My vision and intent for Digital Church is to leverage these incredible capabilities to create a stronger Church body (family) that is fit and ready for the challenges that lay ahead of us all.

In many areas I am a ‘technology first’ advocate, and support the view that technology can answer many of our challenges, but in Digital Church, I see the technology as a supporting part of the us living out our lives together.

Relationships first…technology second

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