Is your church ready for screenless computing?

Amazon Echo is just one of many ways people are interacting without a screen

Whether it is Amazon’s brilliant Echo devices, Google’s Home or (if it ever arrives) Apple’s HomePod, the invasion of screenless computing into our homes and lives is here.

As a very early adopter of an Echo device, I have felt the pain first hand of the early products, but I am delighted to see how it is maturing, and also just how many services are now available on it.

Alexa offers in excess of 15,000 different skills, from turning off lights, closing the garage door, all the way to the inevitable purchasing of goods and services.

My question today, though, is how well has the church adopted or seen a way to leverage this technology?

Writing this on Black Friday 2017, it is very clear that these products are going to be one of the season’s winners, and with more and more devices in homes, I would love to see us adopt and provide more gospel based services.

Of course, there are already lots of ‘me too’ bible regurgitation skills available, and these do have a place, but we need to think bigger, wider and deeper.

As a tool that will be in the houses of millions, screenless computing presents the Church with an amazing opportunity to beam into places we may never have had the opportunity to do so before.

This fact alone should be making us consider something bigger than a 10 minute chat, or a rushed bible app.

How many of us are considering how to break down our weekly messages to become daily flash briefings to inspire and encourage daily?

How many of us are looking to make our annoucements or news available on these services?

We need to think carefully how the changes in our culture could impact our future. They are subtle at the moment, but collectively (like our friend compound interest) they are going make a very big difference.

Again, we have another opportunity to change how we do “church”, please don’t waste it!

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you are moving into screenless computing, so please do get in touch by emailing

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