Q1 2019 Healthy Church Benchmarks

Jan 29, 2019 · 1 min read

Some really interesting benchmarks stats from www.theunstuckgroup.com that relate to the US. For me whilst it is great to see growth in attendance year on year (no matter how small), it shows that the Church is still not creating the opportunities to engage with Church.

With so many of us living increasingly mobile lives, the expectation of attendance to physical meetings is going to be an increasing issue.

My honest belief is that this is relatively easily solved by building a next generation digital engagement strategy. Something that sadly currently plays second fiddle to pushing attendance to events, throwing money at buildings, production etc, all of which has repeatedly shown as ‘not important’ to people wanting to engage.

I am not saying one should replace the other, as it is horses for courses, but the absence, or at least equal consideration and investment, of a digital engagement strategy is sadly missing a massive opportunity to reach and engage with more people.

Read the report here: https://theunstuckgroup.com/…/church-trends-latest-unstuck…/


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