Students Not Critics

New ideas don’t come without their challenges. Especially ones that challenge the paradigms of existing thinking.

I can just imagine the conversations around the ‘new’ teaching Jesus brought during the time of Acts, and how much negativity and ‘shaking of heads’ He received.

Equally, when the Pentecostal movement became the prevailing style of church, how many people were disappointed in the noise and rambunctious behaviour?

I still remember being asked to read ‘Pop Goes The Gospel’ where some well-meaning author tried to persuade me that modern drums were summoning evil.

Closed minds are a dangerous thing. As Andy Stanley says…

“Closed minds, close minds”

As we look at the current model of church, and as we consider how we can make the Gospel even more accessible through the use of digital media, we do need to have a change of mindset.

One where we become students, not critics.

Let me explain.

Again, Andy Stanley says it eloquently when he says that he has decided to not criticise things he does not understand.

Read that again. He will not criticise things he does not understand.

Now that is powerful, and certainly something I will try and use myself.

When we move to this mindset, it allows us to open our minds to be able to see solutions we probably would never see. It allows God to move in new ways, to help us move in new ways.

One of the challenges however is based on the quote from Al Reeves, where he states…

“The next generation product will almost never come from the previous generation”

Sobering for sure, but also a challenge as we consider whether we are creating a church that fosters an attitude of innovation and a culture of students, rather than building on our own, outdated ways of thinking or behaving.

So my question to you this week is…

What will you intentionally do to create a culture of learning?

Please do get in touch with us with any stories you have of what you are doing to build your culture and open your minds to the possibilities of the future.

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