The purpose of the Church is the distribution of Christ

Are we sitting on the cables, the cables themselves or the power contained within? Distribution is key

I wish that I could claim that I thought of this title, but it was a statement made by my Pastor on Sunday, but it resonated so clearly that I felt it was worthy of being the title.

The premise of the teaching was that Church is much more than content or buildings, but in fact that we as Christians are called out for a purpose.

And that purpose is the distrubution of Christ.

It is a shockingly simple truth that makes me wonder how we made this Christian walk so complicated.

If distribution is the activity we need to be focused on, what does it mean, and how can we make this work?

Serendipitously, the debate of content vs distribution is one that is also raging in my professional life as a digital learning consultant, where we have mountains of great content, but fewer engaged learners.

This flies in the face of the now old-fashioned thinking that ‘content is king’ and it is, again, something that the Church needs to be very mindful of.

We spend time and money on content (outstanding events, teaching series, podcasts etc), but not as much time thinking about its distribution and how in this age of technology we can design content that could be used to reach more with the social tools God has blessed us with.

It requires some different thinking and intentionality, but is crucial to our future. For example:

  • Rather than teaching for 40–50 minutes, create ‘snackable’ content that is easy to distribute, and can also be pulled together for the physical event
  • Create content that can be sent out throughout the week that is designed to be shared beyond the limits of our own social circles
  • Encourage your community to gather in the communities in which they live, or join online communities rather than just with themselves. Christ went to the people rather than the temple!

A wise man once said that to start a movement and to deliver a message, it is one 3rd content and two 3rds distribution.

Can I challenge you… does that sound like your church strategy?

If you would be interested in talking with us about how we could help your church with your distribution model, please drop us a note and we will get straight back to you.