What Digital Church Can Learn From American Football

Full disclosure, I am not a fan. I don’t understand it, and I prefer my football to be played with feet. However, my son is a massive fan, and listening to some of his podcasts made me consider this post.

In the world of American Football, there is now a league called the FCFL.

Now, it might not be as well-known or as well-funded as the NFL, but the FCFL is absolutely pioneering in a way that the NFL can only dream of.

FCFL stands for Fan Controlled Football League, and it is exactly what it says it is.

100% control is in the hands of the fans. The concept is called Manipulated Reality.

Essentially, they have built the very first fan-controlled professional sports team by developing a platform based on Blockchain that literally allows the fans to control the team.

They control the plays that are made. They control what squad is picked. They even decide on which players are signed, and act as the scouting network searching for new players.

All virtually and as a community.

The results have been outstanding.

Not only do they have participation from around the globe and a fan based in excess of 1 million, the quality of their football is BETTER than the other teams.

Through deciding what plays are called — known as play-calling — the team’s attack (offense) is more efficient and more effective than almost any other team in the league they compete in.

The power of community that is driven by pure passion.

I have often heard preachers compare Christianity to fans of sports (normally trying to shame us in terms of passion and sacrifice), but what the FCFL has got right, which I believe today’s Church has got wrong, is they have put the fan in the centre and given over control.

It got me thinking, could we look at this model for Church? What would happen if the digital community called the shots in the service?

What would happen if we trust that Holy Spirit can talk to the masses and not just a select bunch of leaders?

Imagine if a digital community could get involved to the point where they were choosing the music, the teaching (or teaching series), the community events, where giving went… a truly community-driven Church.

The thought excites me, but I can see how for many in leadership, this might be a bit scary as the idea of relinquishing control has always been a point of controversy.

They probably had the same issues when they started the FCFL, with the coaches and managers feeling a little lost, but from what I can tell, the FCFL have managed to created something that performs better than the traditional model, engages with more people and reaches more than ever.

That sounds like the sort of project the Church would be proud to be a part of…

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The Future Technology and Culture of the Church

The Future Technology and Culture of the Church