X Marks The Spot

I am a self confessed Apple Fanboy. I admit it and I am proud of it too.

After nearly 2 decades of using and selling Windows products, moving to Apple was a revelation.

But even I am struggling to consider spending £1,150 on the iPhone X, especially as a Christian where I see so much need in the world.

That money could go a long way in a number of fantastic ministries to help people.

But I do need a new phone.

My trusty 6+ is getting slower and slower, and given the demands of my role, I do actually use it to the max.

I mean it gets a real beating.

Uploading gigabytes of films to social media, 100’s of emails a day, accessing other tools and systems required to do my job etc.

For me my phone is an extension to my work flow. An essential tool for what I need to do.

When we consider any other tradesman, we don’t concern ourselves with whether they should use the best tools for their job. Of course they should.

And that’s how I feel about the iPhone X.

For me it is the best tool for the job I have to do, and when you consider the cost over 2 years, it works out to be less than £2 per day.

Far less then most will spend on coffee!

This may sound like a self-justification to spend on a new toy, but I have tossed this around since the announcement on Tuesday and thought long and hard on the right thing to do.

Just as I would want any other contractor to have the best tool, the iPhone X is the best tool for me.

So…I am in with both feet.

Roll on October :)

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