What is Foil Stamping?

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Any printed piece of paper has the sole purpose to deliver a message or information. But it needs to have that extra something which catches the eye of the reader and draws the attention of the targeted/intended audience.

Foil stamping happens to be one of ways to create an appealing and attention-grabbing design that the reader is cannot help but focus on.

Like an invitation card lets you know about the kind of party or gathering it’s going to be, similarly foil stamping also creates an impact on your printing that your audience finds pleasing and give their time and attention to it.

This modern technique that we know as foil stamping today goes way back to late 19th century. Nowadays it is utilized to increase the perceived value of products along with enticing visual interest. Foil stamping happens to be an area of printing process entailing wide range of applications that include labels, products, packaging, stationery, seals, holiday & postcards, pocket folders, invitations, business cards to name a few.

Printing Process:

You could say the process of foil stamping is somewhat similar to engraving and letterpress in which pressure is used to apply color to paper. After the design has been finalized, metal dies are made in the required shape for each individual color needed to be applied to a particular design.

Dies are first heated and then pressurized stamping is used to seal a thin layer of foil to the paper. Each of the color is applied separately through numerous runs to the press till the final design is created.

For an embossed (raised) effect, final die may be created as well.

Pros and Cons of Foil Stamping:

As with any printing process, there are some pros and cons. If you are considering getting foil stamping for personal stationery or for your wedding invitations, here are some helpful tips for you:


Foil stamping does not use ink like letterpress, lithography and thermography. Therefore, the foil color fails to change as per color of the paper. Due to this, lighter or metallic colored foil works great for darker colored papers that gives you the freedom to experiment with your packaging, branding and printing. Foils can be used for numerous finishes like matte, glossy, metallic, etc.

A variety of semi-transparent tint foils are available if you wish the paper to show through the foil. Metallic foils have a lustrous finish creating an immense visual impact which you cannot get with lithography, letterpress or thermography as metallic can fall flat. It gives you the room to stand out in the competitive market.


Foil stamping tends to be a labor intensive printing techniques that needs multiple runs through the press so that multi-color designs can be achieved due to which foil stamping is extensive. Foil is applied using heat therefore it should be done in close proximity of designs or text applied by thermography as heat can melt the thermographic resins.

Quality Foil Stamping Services — Digital City Marketing:

Foil stamping sure ads the decorative aspect to your printed piece being the cherry on top. But you need to plan accordingly and need careful coordination.

We at Digital City Marketing have the required expertise and experience to assist you in planning properly as well as producing your complete project.

Be it an invitation, business card, package or a book, shall ensure it stands out through its creative foil stamping techniques and designs.

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