Thought leadership from those who see it all

A year ago I made the decision to go agency side at a time when most were going the other direction.

I did it because I realized that my whole career had been spent focusing only on a single medium, publisher or ad tech company at one time.

But what clients need most right now is to do more with less which means finding efficiencies across the entire digital landscape.

And the more I looked the more I realized the best (and maybe only) place to weave it all together and find true efficiencies is at an agency.

The job requires you to understand the entire ecosystem so that you can help clients understand how search, social, video, mobile, data, programmatic, etc. come together to serve multimedia marketing.

Its been 10 months since my move to Mediavest and the experience has not disappointed.

Mediapalooza is intense and there are incredible amounts of work to be done — which tends to cause us all to be very heads down in our work.

Which means a lot of our smart ideas, povs and amazing campaign learnings are sitting in decks and emails and not always getting the spotlight they deserve.

And that is the inspiration for this blog.

So the digital leadership at Mediavest will be sharing our general learnings on everything from how to best combat ad fraud to where to get started in VR to tips for well run digital campaigns and how to create the perfect ad tech stack.

I’ve been so impressed with all the intelligence coming out of Mediavest and look forward to having them share more of all they know with you.

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