Economy is the real A. I.

What does define A. I.? Guess nobody knows for sure. Nevertheless, we are quite familiar to the term artificial intelligence once mass media has adopted this term to designate almost everything that depends on software to run.

Add some sensors, rules, a program that reacts to the data collected by those sensors and bingo, here we have it: an intelligent device.

But these devices are not intelligent. Even IBM Watson is dumb if something goes beyond the scope of its “corpus” of data. It has not the capability of deciphering the meaning of even the simplest concepts.

Obsessed with this simple technologies, we have lost track of the real A. I. The Most powerful A. I. ever invented : the economy.

We are used to hear things like this: “we are forced to make this or that decision for the sake of the economy “… decisions against people or individuals. Or against the environment or the society. As if the economy were some kind of God.

Economy has become an entity capable of make decision makers act against human beings fsr beyond the limits of empathy, the most human emotion we are able to experience.

Economy is the perfect A. I. As long as it is able to put under its control the intelligence of real human beings, it has become more powerful than any computer ever invented.

The rules of economy are simple and weak in the end. They only take into account a few variables, but they have been obfuscated under tons of pseudo-formulae and pseudo-algorithms so outnumbered they seem to be the paradigm of complexity. The principles of economy are wrong: price and value don’t correlate at all. Anf economic formulas are composed of variables that depend on variables without any constant value at all.

But the world is governed by the economy, under the laws and mandates of world leaders and politicians, so dumb and mind- deprived that they don’t realize their intelligence has been compromised by an entelechy.

Economy is the most perfect A. I. Ever invented and it’s destroying our world as we know it. And probably, this unknown world we are moving to will not be as friendly as it is now.