This is a wonderful world… for how long?

It is not my intention being pesismistic with my thoughts. But trends are a serious tool to foresee the future. And our future is seriously compromised by ourselves. Each day we don’t change the course of action of our everything, it’s another day wasted if we were to start building a future instead of destroying it.

This is a wonderful world. We still can experience happines, love, satisfaction, we still have empathy, enjoy the beauty in things, people, emotions… we are still humans somehow. But our society is destroying this. As a tumor eroding our body, the trends are eroding out humanity, our World, our nature…

CO2, no2 and a other poisonous substances are becoming so relevant, that our health is being seriously compromised. Economy is becoming a new religion and the perfect AI. So we are behaving as slaves following orders instead of behaving as free minds.

We should stop right now, right today and redesign everything Before keep going without a master plan. But we choose to keep going. It’s a decission. No god nor natural law is forcing us to do what we are doing. It’s just us, the common people who decide to keep going, ignoring the stop signals that plague our road to the future.

We think we are smarter than physics or biology or geology, but we are just children who have in their hands the most powerful toys. Toys capable of destroying the whole World overnight.

The world keeps being a wonderful place. But the trends are against us. It’s time to change them. But to change them we have to stop right now. It does not mean going back to the “dark ages” it does mean pointing our direction towards the light.

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