ChatGPT Teaches Crypto Trading

One of the most significant innovations in education technology is the use of artificial intelligence chatbots which have been customized with a specific knowledge base. In our case, ChatGPT teaches crypto trading!

An AI-powered chatbot that can assist learners in all different fields by dramatically enhancing knowledge retention and engagement.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model created by OpenAI, with a capacity of understanding human language and generating human-like responses to questions or statements. ChatGPT has a vast database of information, enabling it to provide relevant answers to users’ queries. It is a learning assistant that can be accessed through a chatbot interface, either on a website or mobile application.

Benefits of using ChatGPT as a Learning Assistant

1. Instant Feedback

One of the significant advantages of using ChatGPT as a learning assistant is its ability to provide instant feedback to users. Learners can ask questions and receive immediate responses, enabling them to stay engaged in the learning process. This immediate feedback can help learners identify areas of weakness, and they can focus on improving those areas.

2. Personalization

Another benefit of using ChatGPT is the level of personalization it offers. Learners can tailor their learning experience by asking specific questions related to their interests or learning goals. ChatGPT can analyze the user’s previous interactions to provide relevant responses and suggest further topics for study.

3. Access to Expert Knowledge

ChatGPT has access to a vast database of information, enabling it to provide learners with accurate and detailed responses to questions. But, ChatGPT can be also be adapted to work and answer from a limited dataset like a course or a methodology. This is achieved by fine-tuning the model on a specific dataset to improve its accuracy and relevance to the topic.

This type of focused educational AI chat bot could be an additional resource for learners who require fast assistance, need help at odd times, or who may not feel comfortable approaching an educator directly. This would improve the accessibility and inclusivity of the educational experience and the AI bot could help students to identify knowledge gaps and areas that may require additional learning.

4. Increased Engagement

The AI powered chat bots can make the learning process more engaging by using a conversational tone, engaging the learner in back and forth dialogue that makes learning fun. This approach can increase learners’ retention of information.

How to use ChatGPT as a Learning Assistant

Using ChatGPT as a learning assistant is easy and straightforward. Learners can access the chatbot interface directly on the website or mobile application and ask questions related to their area of interest — but this will provide answers from the entire database.

In order to have ChatGPT analyze student questions and provide relevant responses that are exclusively related to our trading plan, we partnered with developer who creates a custom API app.

This custom API app uses our trading course as the knowledgebase combined with the power of the ChatGPT engine to enable our learners to expand their knowledge and understanding — faster!


Announcing our BETA release of our live ChatGPT AI assisted education bot! Learn Crypto Trading with ChatGPT

Our new live AI chatbot we have set up is a computer program that uses the ChatGPT engine to simulate conversation about every aspect of our trading course… in natural language!

By importing our crypto trading course into a customized engine powered by ChatGPT, we can unleash the awesome power!!

Now we can use the chatbot artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to understand our students queries and provide appropriate responses according to the parameters of our trading plan.

This live AI chatbot will dramatically change the approach of every successful education system — including our crypto trading course.



Creator of the Crypto SmartWatch Altcoin Season Monitor, Doug is a crypto research author who manages crypto portfolios for

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Creator of the Crypto SmartWatch Altcoin Season Monitor, Doug is a crypto research author who manages crypto portfolios for