YouTube Creators Beware: Google Crackdown on AI Traffic

3 min readApr 18


A post on Linkedin startled me!

Goda Jusk shared a shocking update:

Well… A sad update: I asked if [ChatGPT] can find my Youtube channel, right… Well, it did. But the cost of it is that Google detected artificial traffic, and I got a warning that my Youtube views and Adsense traffic would be affected immediately. And I see views drop. So… here you go. by accident, I drove bot views to my own channel… My question is… what limits anyone from doing the same with bad intentions??

Bad Policy Hurts Good Creators

Google’s automated detection policy for artificial traffic can have serious consequences for creators on YouTube. By enabling unethical people to drive fake views to their channels, Google is not only damaging the integrity of its platform, but also hurting honest creators who rely on accurate metrics to gauge their success and attract potential advertisers.

This is a good reminder that while AI technology can be incredibly powerful and useful, it can also have unintended consequences if not used responsibly.

When Google detects artificial traffic, it can result in a warning or even a suspension of a creator’s account, causing a significant loss of views, revenue, and credibility.

This can be especially devastating for smaller creators who are just starting out and need all the support they can get.

‘Something is definitely off’

I was hitting $100 a day and it dropped like $6 a day. So that’s a drop of over 90%, which is insane.

Furthermore, by allowing the potential for such unethical practices to continue, Google and Youtube are creating an uneven playing field that benefits those who cheat the system at the expense of those who play by the rules.

Can’t Trust YouTube

This can lead to a culture of dishonesty and deception that ultimately undermines the trust and authenticity of the entire platform.

To simply state that “ultimately, it comes down to individual ethics and values. While technology can enable us to do many things that were previously impossible, it is up to us as individuals to use it in ways that align with our principles and do not harm others.” — is simply shirking their responsibility to protect the people who are creating the very revenue streams that make YouTube a profitable business.

In order to ensure a fair and transparent system, Google and YouTube need to continue developing and implementing effective policies and technologies to detect and prevent artificial traffic, while also supporting and promoting ethical creators who are committed to creating high-quality content for their audiences.




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