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There is so much to do when planning a wedding — And for the bulk if it, you need to hire & rely on vendors to come through for you.

But as a designer, there are a few things you can customize to make your special day more personal.

The Invitation


There’s a lot of free photo editing apps on phones — Which ones are worth your time?

Photoshop Express

This one’s obvious. With Photoshop being the most powerful photo editing software out there, of course Adobe is going to deliver a great mobile app as well. You can get by with basic…

There is no shortage of educational information on the web to fuel your creativity. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular blogs that frequently post inspirational and insightful posts.

Adobe Creative Cloud Discover

Watch, play & interact with Adobe’s free educational center. There is an abundance of articles, how to…

As a freelance video producer & designer for over 9 years now, I’ve been supplied by clients with many scripts to work with and create videos from. Some are good, some… not so good.

Maybe you don’t know where to begin, have no experience writing, or just can’t seem…

If you are looking to start or grow a freelancing career or just earn a little extra on the side with part time work, check out these top 3 most popular online freelancing websites.


Fiverr is the most popular on demand “gig” based marketplace, connecting freelancers with businesses. A gig…

As anyone who has used a computer and dealt with files, I’m sure you know that there are lots of different file types. I’ll be focusing on explaining the more common image file types and when to use them.

First let me explain the difference between Raster & Vector Graphics.

Although the Adobe suite of programs tend to be the most popular and versatile software to use for design, there are free alternatives that are excellent for beginners in design who don’t want to drop a lot of money on software they only need to use occasionally or are on…

Whether you are a new or seasoned seller on Fiverr, starting a new gig can be an adventure. You are free to create multiple gigs in different categories (which is great for searchability), or put all your effort and focus into making a single one great.

The types of gigs…

There comes a time in whichever creative field you work in, where you get stuck on a project. Authors know this as “Writers Block”, but it can happen to any creative professional at any time. Don’t panic, take a step back and approach the project from a different angle. …

Mary Ingrassia

Top Rated Seller on Fiverr & Online Instructor — Specializing in Video Production for Explainer Videos

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