2015 was good to me. Here’s to always looking forward.

Professionally: I couldn’t have asked for anything more. As un-sexy as Avis Budget Group reads on a resume to some it afforded me the opportunity to grow from managing to solutioning a global initiative that included connecting the customer to the phone and to the car. Though there are a lot of great innovators in NYC the tech industry here is saturated with AdTech and agencies which are fine and good but I enjoys solving problems. Not too many of my peers have piloted a AI voice activated app or unlocked a myriad of car modesl with their phone.

This is what I do for a living!

The single best thing I could have done for myself in my career was to learn and understand technology. And after this year I am grateful.

Personally: I had a daughter. In the seven-plus months I have gotten to know her I have learned so much about myself. She has motivated me in so many ways. Regardless of the sleepless nights and relentless diaper changing (I had no idea babies pooped so much!) she has taught me to focus on the details. Be conscise. Be honest.

In 2016 I look to build on both of these and become even stronger as a colleague or as a dad.