Following the article I wrote last year about our configuration for our end to end tests using Nightwatch and Browserstack with the Vue cli 2, I wanted to share the new setup now we are using Vue cli 3.

Here is the summary of the setup we wanted to achieve. We wanted to be able to run end to end tests on:

More details are in the previous article, so check it out if you need to. …

Recently, I had to configure the Nightwatch test we have on our Vue.js project to be able to run on Browserstack automated testing platform. This had to work for different environments. We have two main environments: test and prods.

The configuration we wanted to achieve was to be able to run the e2e test on:

The final files are at the end of this article which you can paste from.

Initial setup

Our application is using Vue.js and was generated with vue cli 2 using…

I write a lot of JavaScript nowadays, and I have been using TypeScript for more than a year now, on small and large projects, as well as alone and within teams. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript, it’s open source and written by Microsoft. It compiles to plain JavaScript, so you don’t need to worry about browser support.

I will focus here on why this is my default go-to language and why I prefer to write code using TypeScript rather than JavaScript.

Self-documenting code

When working in a large team (and I would argue even alone: anyone been wondering what is…

Writing CSS is easy. Making it scalable and maintainable is not.

How many times:

This is when you decide there is a better way and come across some CSS methodologies, which seems like a good solution to all those headaches.

You heard of…

Aurore Trunelle

Front End Engineer | Modern Javascript | CSS Architecture

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