The Finger’s on the Self-Destruct Button

For musicians there is really only one way to count on making money, live or anything that cannot be digitized. The recording industry is a small blip in history whereby music could be distributed beyond the venue. What has happened is that this has created an entitlement culture by musicians: “I deserve to be paid when people listen to my vinyl or digitized music.” But technology has taken that “right” away and we are back to basics. So it is all about owning the fan relationship, sharing love with fans, and connecting to them in either real life or in life like forms and yes, that could be in social media. But the problem with social media is that it is yet another 3rd party (labels are a third party too) that is getting between the fan and the artist. And the 3rd parties are the ones monetizing the near-live experiences that happen in social networks. The only way musicians can earn money is to go back to direct relationships with fans — no third parties. Streaming services are not really the issue. They can be seen as discovery mechanisms. The only way to make money is to create and play to fans in real life.

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