Next Wave Cities ICT Roadshow tacloban — September 13, 2013

Pushing Startup Dreams

I think the Next Wave Cities events in the future will have to be more focused on intensive workshops pushing startup ideas such as in the area of e-governance, e-commerce, and those that can help meet Millennium Development Goals of the country.

(The edited version of this piece was published in Sun.Star Cebu last November 27, 2013. I’m posting it here as it was not made available online.)

Last week, I spoke about e-commerce entrepreneurship at the last leg of the DOST ICTO Next Wave Cities Roadshow. The event was done in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry, local government units, and local ICT councils.

We visited 9 cities such as Naga, Laoag, Tacloban, Butuan, Rizal, Baguio, Puerto Princesa, Cagayan De Oro, and Iloilo. In this 2-day session, each speaker talks about the sector they represent and the promising opportunities (career or investment) that can be found in it.

A lot of ideas have been seeded to those who joined the two days. How each participant will process it and explore further will be entirely up to them.

But looking forward and thinking in the future, an ideal event will also be those giving hands-on exposure — either from an entrepreneur or workers perspective. This can include from planning the business or exposing the skills that are necessary to it. There is a lot of potential especially if e-learning will be used as a platform to disseminate knowledge.

They can compliment existing training programs available in the community where students usually sign-up to if they want to work in that sector.

A Next Wave Cities event in the future can be a culminating activity to further strengthen what was initially discussed online. Government and the private sector should be encouraged to use all technologies possible to spread knowledge.

As the country is now in a recovery mode, especially those affected by recent calamities, part of rebuilding can take place in the form of virtual education.

My heartfelt thanks to the DOST ICTO for the opportunity they have given me to share e-commerce knowledge. I was able to do collaboration deals with some of my speaker peers there to further strengthen our free e-commerce education initiatives.

Some of us also share the same grief for what happened to Tacloban as one of the places we visited in this roadshow series. We pray that the people we have spoken then are in safe hands and will be able to recover soon.

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