Finalists of the first Ukrainian AI Hackathon

First AI Hackathon in Ukraine by Digital Future: Selected Video Presentations

In mid of April Digital Future organized the first AI Hackathon in Ukraine. Over 100 people participated in the event and 18 teams reached the final. The first place was taken by Botvertiser , ad platform for publishing ads in chat-bots. Here are some of the most interesting presentations by the AI Hackathons participants in English.


With help of Botvertiser service, the bot owners can easily connect to advertising networks in order to monetize their products. At the same time, the publisher gets the most persolalized contact with the audience, and the user sees only the relevant advertisements.


A service designed to create and promote the chat bots with ready-to-use templates for small and medium businesses.

Friend InNeed

A mobile app that can recognize the fall of a person, and call for help or send an alarm message with geo location, if the app owner can not get up.


Visual designer with elements of Artificial Intelligence to create smart objects without advanced knowledge of programming.


A service to model and predict trends, based on innovative technologies and machine learning.


Boat-assistant that can predict a person’s wishes.


Climate and energy resources control with help of sensors.


Smart interface that can analyse how to optimize the resources you spend on routine work in order to boost productivity.


SaaS conversion rate optimization technology that can personalize the appearance of key pages of the e-shop for each user.

Digital Mirror

The application based on the AI analyses your daily activities and information from social networks, other apps, biometrics, photostreams, cookies, etc. to offers you insights and recommendations on how to improve your life.

To watch all presentations from AI Hackathon, go to Digital Future youtube channel.

As planned earlier, Digital Future will introduce all the final pitches videos of the projects participating AI Hackathon to Amazon Web Services Venture Capital and Startup Bootcamp Barcelona giving the opportunity for the projects to develop their ideas, using the network of Digital Future and confirming its reputation as smart-investor that facilitates the growth of startups focused on western markets.

Jury members, first Ukrainian AI Hackathon