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4 min readJan 15, 2022

Understanding Hi.com

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For those who have never heard of hi.com, Hi.com is managed by the HI-Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Singapore which defines itself as a “non-profit bank”, whose mission is:

“Revolutionizing the global financial infrastructure and rethinking how digital services can maximize stakeholder value.” — Hi, 2021

Behind the project there are really some stakeholders of the crypto economy, such as the former CEO of bitcoin.com and the former CMO of crypto.com, as well as many other highly qualified professionals.

Hi.com project founders

The hi.com team is credited with a huge initial investment effort: they bought the premium domain “hi.com” for around $ 12 million, they then put in place an incredible incentive system to use the service every day and become a partner.

This economic and implementation effort convinced 2 million people to sign up How to make money with hi.com? Hi allows you to easily claim 1 HI $ per day (as a daily reward).

Just register using your mobile number. Everything is free, just log in once a day and press the request button.

With just this minimal effort you will have more than $ 30 a month and, in addition, you receive half of the daily rewards for any friend you refer and who requests the same amount every day. Even “friends of friends” will make you earn (references downstream).

Of course, you have to KYC and pay a commission to withdraw your HI $, but this is now the industry standard and it also gives incentives to hold assets. Even if you are incredulous at such a crazy offer, let yourself be convinced by the team behind the project and the immense capital they have raised to build their brand.

It costs nothing to try!

Gain methods on hi On the Hi platform, you can make money through a variety of methods, depending on your preferences. One of them is, as we have seen, earning rewards simply by signing up. This is a simple task and makes making money on the platform much easier.

The other one we have already mentioned is to involve all your family and friends in the project.

Then there are several advantages connected to the platform such as the exchange without commissions, you can freely convert between fiat and fiat, crypto and crypto, as well as fiat and crypto.

All this at mid-market exchange rates. You can therefore hold money in different currencies with ease and without any charge, plus you can earn interest on the money deposited, at much higher rates than elsewhere (up to 20% annually).

Another interesting opportunity is to be able to spend the money in your hi account via the virtual debit card.

You can easily pay for your home bills and get goods and services alike. Financial services should be a global public good.

Within the hi wallets you have the opportunity to hold over 100 currencies, both traditional and crypto, earning interest up to 20% per annum paid every day.

What is the Hi Dollar

The hi Dollar (HI) is an ERC-2nd token, it is used to access the services offered by HI. Members can earn or purchase hi Dollars and thus access services and benefits based on their level. In fact, it is an enrollment token that grants you benefits and is re-sellable if you decide to terminate.

Last year Hi-Dollar to USD chart

You can buy hi Dollars to increase your membership level and thus enjoy more benefits. The team is working to make hi Dollar available on decentralized exchanges, followed initially by quotes on centralized exchanges. This will allow the Hi cryptocurrency to gain value.


Under the terms and conditions stated, a member can only create one account with Hi.com. If you find that you manage more than one account with us, the compliance team will close all your accounts and you will lose any rewards you have earned to date.

This is to ensure that the platform works smoothly and to avoid fraudulent practices.

The KYC procedure

There is also a rigorous KYC approach employed by the platform to protect itself from fraudulent practices. For the uninitiated, Know Your Customer (KYC) is the practice of identity verification, it protects from fraud, money laundering and illegal activities.

Financial platforms are required by law to collect this data from their customers and to avoid attempting this type of financial crime as part of anti-money laundering (AML) measures.

For Hi members, KYC requires photos of personal identification, proof of address and a selfie to be sent.


Hi.com is not only a digital banking platform, but also a wallet that supports the most popular cryptocurrencies.




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