Want to Increase your Targeted Website Traffic? Here’s How

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The goal of any website would be to increase traffic. Targeted website traffic, unlike online traffic has a different status quo. When it comes to targeted web traffic, it comes from targeted audience, the clients who knows your brand and are interested in your website products or services you offer before visiting your site.

For those who don’t know the difference- lets consider a scenario where I have a website traffic of thousand or millions of visitors. So obviously you might think that my business thrives, right? However, that doesn’t measure the success of my business, only the number of sales that those visits have measured, would indicate my business’s success.

On the other hand, the targeted website traffic are those visitors who come to your site with fully knowing what products and services you offer. Usually this traffic may not result in immediate sale, but they represent leads and prospective. By increasing the targeted website traffic, you increase the conversion rate and also sales. But how to increase your targeted website traffic? Here are some tips to help you through.

1. Buying it.

One of the guaranteed ways of increasing your targeted website traffic is to buy from traffic service, wherein you can select the country and category of visitors you want. For example, if you want targeted website traffic for ethnic wear or a wedding wear you can specify the type of visitors and the country or area from which you want. When planned and conducted correctly, in this scenario pay-per-click campaigns brings instant results rather than SEOs. Some tips

· Choose carefully the most keywords and phrases to reduce the cost of bid

  • Avoid comman and popular words that are used by your rivals to provide for an unique offering
  • For finding the right keywords, use stat reports to analyse which word attracts more targeted website traffic and what they do on your website
  • When your prospective clients belongs to a certain demographic, drop the words that performs less website traffic.
  • For potentials belonging to a particular demographic, the highly targeted PPC strategy advertising can be your best bet
  • Don’t purchase bulk clicks when your goal is conversion.

2. Optimising It

Another way to increase your targeted website traffic is employing Search Engine Optimisation SEO. SEO provides visible results at a lower cost. Some tips

· Provide high quality content.

· Provide fresh and unique content regularly. Avoid spam and unrelated content in your website. It not only gets you any traffic but can also reduce your existing ones.

· Have a forum that answers the customers queries, it increases customer engagement and that in turn increases conversion

3.Long-tail Keywords

Despite of the common opinion being against using long-tail keywords, it has its own unique advantages. Use long-tail keywords to bring to your website visitors who search for solving their particular problems or achieving their needs. For example if you are running an online academic service as business, keywords like essay writing service or resume writing service would yield you all kind of people who search them, irrespective of your product’s prior knowledge.


  • Understand your audience first.
  • Use site traffic analysis to know about your audience and industry competition.
  • Softwares like Buzzsumo or Thinkwithgoogle provides you trending topic that are relevant to your audience
  • Use tools that compares and analyse your website and decide accordingly the next step in your marketing strategy

5.Visual Components

  • Want to improve your blended search results- then employ as many visual components as possible. Some tips
  • Create a how-to video or presentation of your product. It brings the advantage of bringing you people who are interested in such product acquisition and use
  • Create a Youtube profile and link it with your site. Submit your video sitemap with Google. This improves your page ranking too.
  • Optimise your site’s images and advance them in vertical search.
  • Use high quality images but avoid image that are large in size
  • Provide proper description
  • Submit your site’s image site map to Google for better results
  • Video marketing

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