The DT 990 Beyerdynamics earphones have aluminum support on each side and I found them to be super flexible yet feels durable. On the adjust able head band there are exposed cables on each side to give it a industrial yet gorgeous look. The over headband is nice and thick and I didn’t feel any over head pressure due to the extremely light weight of the headphone.

Now these ear cups are the most interesting part of the design. On the exterior they have this grill like design with the model number engraved. Its not flashy or anything it just gives it a beautiful distinctive look.


This grill design cover the entire driver. So the DT990 are semi open in the sense that the driver isn’t totally exposed but this semi open distinction practically means an open design with plenty of noise leaking and there’s absolutely no sound isolation but this is expected.

The cable is not removable, that’s something to be conscious of plus its really long at 3meters so you might have quite a time handling it if your at a desk like I do. It connects through a quarter of an inch adapter that is detachable. The large and super soft ear cushions are made of microfiber and it is the most comfortable earphone I’ve worn. In the department of comfort the DT990’s surpassed my daily use HD650 from Sennheiser.

“Look and Feel”

There circular shape form factor seal around the ear and there is no concentration of pressure on any certain point, you can easily pass through an all nighter of gaming or movie marathons. They even look pretty sweet when worn, not too bulky low profile and absolutely no problem for those that wear glasses.The deep ear cushions seem to compensate well for that. The DT 990 Beyerdynamics clamping force is very relaxed but also the bass is also relaxed, its present, its full and tight.

The sound stage is very large, its amazing for gaming and for the music there’s a good sense of the recording environment with the mid range being pushed back so the vocalist sound a bit distant compared to the HT650’s and overall not as full and warm. So the sound signature is very specific and could be fatiguing for sensitive ears and for very treble headed music its not ideal. You might need to turn down the volume or tweak the EQ to suit your own preference. They did prove to be extremely satisfactory with hip hop music with sharp vocals and those bass drops.

“The Verdict”

Now I must say the praise has to go to the build this is an insanely comfortable pair I love the treble expansion and relaxed but tight bass and thats what Beyerdynamic is known for compared to the CB3 hush which is a great all around headset. The sound stage is open so it would the perfect choice for gaming. I would certainly recommend you pick up the DT 990 Beyerdynamics earphones for your enjoyment.

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