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Lex Irias
A student of human behavior. Passionately curious about our relationship with technology. Honduran in Denver, CO

The conversation on the value of design within an organization has become more prominent in the last couple of years. As we move out of the era of mass-production into a time of mass-customization, design takes the forefront in product and brand consideration. Yet, aligning revenue goals to incorporating a more design-centric approach within an organization was a tricky subject without any previous data to support it. The ones who took the risk were the outliers paving the way for more businesses to consider the value of design within their organization.

InVision recently surveyed thousands of companies to explore the…

Are you a startup needing some funding? Join the club! According to data compiled by Fundable, only 0.91 percent of startups are funded by angel investors, while a measly 0.05 percent are funded by VCs.

Good thing there’s an alternative form of funding available for startups available that the JOBS Act’s, Regulation Crowdfunding, launched in May of 2016. Although it’s been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride since Regulation Crowdfunding came into play, this has become a great option for startups to get their community involved in growing their business. As with almost everything, there’s an adaptability period when something new…

We are tech-savvy, purpose seeking, stressed, music loving, mindful, weed smoking, thrill seeking, hashtag speaking, wanderlust souls.

We are offsprings of the counter-culture that brought great innovators such as Steve jobs, Elon musk and Richard Branson. A generation filled with hundreds of 20 something millionaires that have redefined success and what it takes to get there.

A generation that has given a new understanding to being connected. Our lives seem to be more connected than ever yet we are more emotionally disconnected than our grandparents could have ever imagined. We are a mobile generation where freedom = happiness and the…

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