Why Arvind Kejriwal should learn social media from Narendra Modi.

Your social media is a fair reflection of what kind of person you are in real life. If you go to a teenage girl’s twitter you will find her account filled with tweets about guys, love , relation etc. In short, you will find everything that a teen girl is interested in. By extension of same logic if you open the twitter account of a sports fan. You would find tweets about sports and sports figures.

Now let us see what Kejriwal jee tweets about.

Latest tweet by Arvind Kejriwal- Government is not letting us pass bills.

This tweet is aimed at central government not letting him pass bills thus it is actually the central government’s fault that Delhi can’t develop. Negative Connotations.

Another tweet that implies central govt. is creating a hurdle in Delhi development. Negative connotations.

Retweeting Negative Stuff

Even the retweets are with negative implications. There is absolutely nothing on this account that can be seen as being shared with a positive mindset. This account almost looks like it is a Modi Troll account rather than the official Twitter handle of the CM of Delhi. It is a good thing he never names Modi Ji himself in these twee…


Anyways.. moving on…

Namo twitter on the other hand, is filled with positive vibes and shares constructive, positive thoughts out to the followers.

Latest tweet by Narendra Modi Ji

Compare this to the last tweet made by Arvind Ji and see the difference. While Modi Ji talks about inspiring and leading a generation Kejriwal ji is busy connecting central government to the problem of state government.

Again you see Modi ji talking about great ideas and future visions. A sign of a good leader who knows what is happening in the world.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

It would really help Kejriwal if he stops discussing people and starts discussing ideas.


Oh ffs! I give up.