Extended Stay Hotel Benefits and Disadvantages

Pros and Cons Extended Stay Hotel

Extended stay hotels, a relatively new concept in the hospitality industry is becoming quite popular these days. Owing to the benefits that these hotels offer combined with the affordability, the travelers, these days prefer to book a weekly stay or extended stay hotel over the conventional hotel rooms.

If you are also planning to book a weekly hotel for your next trip and wondering that whether you should book a conventional hotel, or try the services of one of the extended stay hotels, it’s vital to know about the pros and cons. This will help you evaluate that whether an extended stay hotel is the right choice for you or not.

Pros of Extended Stay Hotels

The following are the benefits of an extended stay hotel over a usual hotel room:

Furnished Like A Home

Most of the extended stay hotel rooms are furnished like a home. There is a small kitchenette which is fortified with all the necessary kitchen appliances and other things. The main bedroom area is connected through a small lobby, there’s a study table, a dining area and other entities which make the room quite different from a hotel room and similar to a home.


When compared to the hotel rooms, the extended stay hotel rates seem quite affordable. The money, which you spend for booking a hotel room for a couple of days can be used to stay for longer periods in an extended stay hotel.

Complimentary Services

A majority of extended stay hotels in USA offer an array of complimentary services to make the stay pleasant for their guests, these include a delicious continental breakfast, evening snacks on the weekdays and much more.

Attractive Deals

When booked for longer periods, there is a high chance that you will get attractive extended stay hotel deals. There are many online booking websites which offer lucrative deals on the extended stay bookings.

In-Room Kitchenette

The addition of an in-room kitchenette is among the biggest benefits offered by the extended stay hotels. It enables the guests to cook their own meals which implies home made food in a new city and colossal savings.

Cons of Extended Stay Hotels

While the concept of the extended stay hotels seems quite interesting, but, there are certain cons of these hotels as well.


Some extended stay hotels, which are highly affordable and charge very nominal rent do not provide regular housekeeping. It is facilitated only once or twice a week, and this implies that one has to clean his/her own room for a major part of the week. However, this is not the case for each extended stay hotel. Some of them offers daily or on demand housekeeping service. Thus, it is good to ask about the provision of this service.


As the concept of extended stay hotels is relatively new in comparison to conventional hotels, their availability is still one of the big problems. Although, one can easily find an extended stay hotel in the cities, but, these may not be available in remote locations or small towns.

Quality of Kitchen Equipment

Though, most of the weekly stay hotels boast about an in-room kitchenette, but, sometimes, the utensils and other kitchen appliances are just functional, but, not of very high quality. You can check the reviews to ensure you book a good weekly hotel with quality kitchen equipment.

Considering the aforementioned pros and cons, it is vital that if you are planning to book one of the extended stay hotels for your next trip, you must inquire about all the services and amenities offered by them to get a clear idea about where you are heading for. Also, check the online reviews and customer ratings for the hotel before booking. These feedbacks, sometimes, prove quite useful.

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