How Can You Get More Business Benefits with Landline Texting Solution?

According to different statistics and reports shared by different companies, text messaging is one of the most viable mode of communication. People find it more convenient and comfortable. This is the reason more and more businesses are making text messaging an intuitive part of their business. The landline texting solution is one of the advanced move in satisfying the communication need of customers. The landline messaging service enables your office main landline number to send and receive text messages. Thus, your customers can send an SMS over landline number. Text My Main Number is a landline messaging solution in the USA. It offers the landline texting service to your main number. It furnishes you with many advanced communication features so you can impart many business benefits.

The key benefits of the Text My Main Number, the business messaging solution, are briefed below:

One number for all types of communication makes it easy to manage

The landline texting service offered by Text My Main Number will make your landline number text enabled. Thus, same number can be used to receive calls and messages. This makes communication easier for your customers, as now, they don’t need to manage too many different numbers of you and your staff members. They can simply send an SMS when they want to reach you or can also make a call. Furthermore, you also don’t need to update clients with a new contact number, in case, any of your executive change job and he was handling clients on his cell phone. This makes sure you never lose potential business.

Quick response

You can set the Auto Reply feature with a text message to give a quick acknowledgment to your customers for each received message. This will make them feel valued and will also help you to offer quick response to their questions.

Group contacts

Text My Main Number allows you to group contact-numbers. This will make communication easier from your end. Now, you or your staff can send messages to your customers based on the group category. For example: if there is a date for next appointment or payment is coming, then your staff can send a reminder message to that group of contacts.

Provide work life balance to your staff

As you can receive text messages on your landline number, now, your staff can keep their personal and private messages separate. This will gain them work life balance and for you, staff satisfaction.

Increase Productivity

Now you will receive the messages from your customers on your landline number, which can be answered in batch. Your receptionist or staff members don’t need to hang on the phone to answer the similar questions of almost all customers. Thus, they can spend their more time on other work. This will give them an opportunity to show their skills and talent. At the same time you will enjoy improved productivity.

Improved ROI

With the landline texting solution, you will be able to increase customer and staff satisfaction, increase productivity of staff and all these will collectively increase your revenues.

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