Why Text My Main Number Is #1 Landline Texting Service Provider In The USA?

SMS To Landline Service

Landline texting is a next generation communication solution which enables the landline number of the business to send SMS from Landline and receive SMS To Landline. With the usage of landline messaging service, the business can use the same number for both, calling and texting communications. This is one of the emerging communication modes in the USA. There are many SMS To Landline solution providers in the USA, but the Text My Main Number is the number 1 landline texting service provider in the USA.

If you are wondering, why? This article will give top 5 reasons why Text My Main Number is #1 landline texting service providers in the USA.

1. 30 Day Free Trial of Enterprise Package With Unlimited Texting

The Text My Main Number gives 30 days free trial to its prospects to experience the whole system, unlike their competitors who gives only 7 or 14 days free trial. Furthermore, this free trial is of the highest package with all features available on the platform along with the unlimited texting.

2. Free Resources and Product WalkThrough

The Text My Main Number: Landline texting solution provider gives complete knowledge transfer of each feature available on the platform. Thus, the customer can understand each feature and how to use each of them in their favor. Furthermore, the company provides a complete range of resources including user manual, article related to customer industry to know what all utilities the landline texting solution has for their business and more. This is to ensure the customers of Text My Main Number are aware of each feature and usage of this next generation business communication solution.

3. Free Technical and Customer Support

The Text My Main Number offers free customer support during the free trial and even after that along with the technical support. This support service is not limited to issues faced with the service, but broad enough to approach the support engineer for any question the customer has. It means if you as a customer forgets the step to send a group SMS, you may call the customer support executive of Text My Main Number and ask them to explain you. They will happily explain the steps and any question come across to your mind.

4. Affordable Monthly Subscription Packages Without Any Contracts

The Text My Main Number offers landline texting service on a monthly subscription basis. The customer can avail discounts for 6, 12 or 24 months subscription. However, there is no contractual liability which bounds the customer to use the service if they don’t want to. Also, the monthly packages are affordable and cheaper which can be used by any small company as well.

5. Custom Packages for Business Texting Service

The Text My Main Number offers custom package as well, which can be cheaper than the Basic package and higher than the enterprise package. The customer can choose the features he wants and based on the selected feature, the new package price will be given to the customer. This is to ensure the customer pay only for the service he wants!

These are the top 5 reasons why Text My Main Number is the best landline texting service provider in the USA. If you want to learn more, visit http://textmymainnumber.com/

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