51 Best SEO Blogs to Follow in 2019

Amit Purohit

Search engine Optimization (SEO) standards are constantly changing.

Emerging technologies like social media and artificial intelligence (AI), search engines are also improving the way they deliver results to users on a regular basis.

To do this, they focus on localization, page licensing, click-through rates, and even searches from voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. As a marketer, keeping up with all this news is crucial.

51 Best SEO Blogs for Digital Marketer

Here is my reading list of the best SEO blogs on the internet today to help you become a better digital marketer.

1. Moz Blog

Moz has been known for their SEO solutions and operational methods articles. The Moz team contributors provide an article every day to help you expand your SEO knowledge.

2. Search Engine Journal

Founded in 2003 by Loren Baker, it provides industry insights and guidance to digital marketers. Their core editorial focus is on SEO, PPC and Content Marketing.

3. Search Engine Land

Launched in 2007 by Danny Sullivan (one of the most influential figures in the history of the search industry) after leaving search engine observation, search engine land provides daily news of online marketing.

In addition to having an experienced editorial team, SEL has a variety of industry experts who share tips, strategies and strategies, mainly on SEO and PPC topics.

4. Bruce Clay SEO Blogs

Founded in 1996, Bruce Clay blog provides SEO news, analytics, and online marketing practices to help marketers and SEO keep abreast of the situation.

5. Search Engine Roundtable

Barry Schwartz created SEroundtable in 2004 to share his knowledge about SEO, he always tracks google algorithms and I believe he is the first person to know if any algorithm update has been detected.

6. Semrush Blog

Semrush SEO blog is at the forefront of today’s SEO trends, offering SEO advice on a variety of lenses from social media to voice search. Semrush blog comes from popular keywords and manufacturers of competitive research tools.

Covering SEO, PPC and content marketing, you’ll find new articles here every day from Semrush team members and industry experts

7. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is an internet marketing company. John Lincoln famous for his documentary on “SEO: The Movie”. You should check out his SEO blog to learn new techniques.

8. Backlinko

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko. Typically, you will find one or two new or updated articles on a blog every month, usually with actionable policies and data support for case studies.

9. Yoast

Yoast is training and website integration for those who want to learn how to optimize their site. Its blog covers strategies to improve SEO and user experience, created by Joost de Valk, is best known for its popular (and free) Yoast WordPress plugins.

10. Neil Patel

Neil Patel and his marketing team broke through online marketing in every way, SEO was one of them. And their videos are as fascinating as their blog posts.

11. Daily SEO blog

Are you a fan of the website that provides tips every day? This may be your blog, providing tips and tricks to help support your SEO strategy.

12. Distilled blog

This blog comes from Distilled an online marketing agency founded by Will Critchlow. One or two times a week, you’ll find a post for a member of the research team on SEO, mobile, social, CRO, and other digital marketing topics.

13. Geo Local SEO

If local SEO and mobile search is your interest, Geolocalseo blog is a resource that you should look at tips and tricks related to the local and mobile search industry.

14. Google Webmaster Central Blog

When working in the online marketing industry, you must know what search engines are doing. Google’s Webmaster Blog provides search marketers with insight into Google’s changes and updates.

15. John Battelle’s Search Blog

As a co-founder of Wired magazine and a pioneer in search engine marketing, Battelle’s covers SEO, social media and more.

16. Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is the key to SEO success. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is the centre of content marketers who learn and share insights about SEO, storytelling, social media, and more.

17. SEO Copywriting

Replication is a key part of SEO success. This blog is more detailed than best practices about SEO copywriting.

18. Search Engine Watch

The search engine watch, launched in 1997 (launched by Danny Sullivan), is the longest-running publication dedicated to the search industry. Recently, Sew published about one post a day, mainly on topics such as SEO, social media and content marketing.

This multi-author blog is recommended by several readers and covers a wide variety of search marketing issues.

19. SEO by the Sea

Created by veteran marketer Bill Slawski, this SEO store delves into the search engine’s own records and gives you some of the most delicious news and analysis of the latest ranking standards.

20. Biznology

This blog talks about SEO related issues, but the most recent focus is on content marketing and digital marketing.

21. Ahrefs

At Ahrefs you will get to read the blogs on SEO and marketing: case studies, tutorials from marketing practitioners and industry experts. Ahrefs is one of the best SEO blogs of the search marketing industry.

22. Marketing Land

Learn new SEO strategies and insights at marketing land. This is a parent site of search engine land founded by Danny Sullivan.

23. The SEM post

Jennifer Slegg, a respected industry veteran and the editor of SEM Post, SEM shares the latest SEO updates, Slegg regularly discovers many of the features that Google and Bing are testing and often delves into major algorithm updates and changes to Google’s quality scoring guidelines.

24. Stone Temple Marketing Blog

Stone Temple Consulting, a digital marketing agency founded in 1997 by Eric Enge, he is one of the most respected people in the search industry. You can read about SEO, analytics and content marketing.

25. GsQi Blog

In GSQi blog you can find posts about digital marketing strategies, PPC and social media ads, and analytics. However, Gabe mainly writes about technical SEO.

He also kept watching Google’s update and volatility algorithms. Whenever a major algorithm update occurs, you need to look at the analysis of the Gabe.

26. SEO Theory

Michael Martinez, the president and co-founder of Dynamics, began the SEO theory in 2006. Here you will find a lot of great positions designed to explain how SEO and search work.

Caution: What you read here is not for beginners.

27. Google My Business & Local Search

It has been the preferred venue for local businesses since 2006. It’s all local, it’s always been. Mike Blumenthal’s blog will keep you informed of all the latest developments in local search.

28. State of Digital

Founded in 2010 by Bas van den Beld, State of digital provides articles on SEO and more digital marketing topics. While this site is better for European audiences, you’ll find a lot of good insights here.

29. Portent

It’s a digital marketing agency based in Seattle, run by Ian Lurie (one of my personal favourite SEO writer). In the portent blog, you’ll find some tips, guides, and some unique things about SEO and digital marketing.

30. Go Fish Digital Blog

You will find Bill Slawski (SEO’s Ocean fame) writing here, often about patents, as well as other members of the Go fish digital team about once a week, about various search and digital marketing topics.

31. Reliablesoft

If you don’t have much time to read the hundreds of posts posted each week on SEO, PPC and social media then reliablesoft blog is the right place for you. Learn how to boost your web ranking and traffic using best SEO practices.

32. Webmaster World

One of the biggest and longest running forum among SEO professionals & online webmasters.

You’ll find detailed discussions and debates about the latest news, as well as questions from site administrators trying to solve problems and improve their SEO.

33. Alyeda Solis

Alyeda Solis is an award-winning International SEO Consultant she has more than 10 years of experience. Follow her SEO blog to increase search visibility, traffic and conversions.

34. Edit.co.uk blog

Edit.co.uk is a digital marketing agency in the UK, it shares insights into SEO, PPC, Content marketing, digital PR and CRO.

35. Bright Edge

Brightedge, based in San Mateo, California, has produced a popular SEO and content platform. On their blog, you’ll find content about SEO and the latest developments in digital marketing.

36. Blind five year old

Blind Five year old is A.J. Kohn’s blog. Posts are usually few, but when Kohn releases something, you can be sure that it will be of high quality and worth your time.

37. Search News Central

The SNC is managed by Dr Sheldon. He keeps his blog updated he publish five news posts a month, focusing on topics such as usability, analytics, and technical SEO.

38. Gotch SEO

Nathan Gotch SEO blog has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world. You will find one or two new or updated articles on a blog every month, usually with actionable tips and data support for case studies.

39. Robbie Richards

As the blog says “Actionable tips to grow your traffic and leads”. Robbie has been known for his good research, informative and lengthy content. Follow his blog if you want to generate legit traffic to your blog.

40. Amit Purohit

Amit shares his SEO knowledge with his blog, follow amit purohit SEO blog to stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends.

41. Ryan Webris

Ryan helped hundreds of websites to get more organic traffic from search engines. To sharpen your SEO skills follow Ryan’s blog and stay up to date with SEO marketing trends.

42. Local SEO Guide

The local SEO guide is Andrew Shortland’s blog about local search optimization tips, small business marketing, and search engine optimization strategies.

43. CrazyEgg

SEO categories of daily egg blogs feature different factors that affect search engine optimization, the latest trends in SEO and other similar topics with search engine optimization.

44. Searchmetrics

In Search Metrics SEO blog, the author writes articles about current issues in the field of online marketing and SEO and show interesting statistics and trends.

45. Serpstat

Serpstat is used for in-depth competitor analysis and the establishment of advertising campaigns. It also publishes some informative blogs on SEO.

46. Oncrawl

Oncrawl’s shares tips and tricks on on-page SEO. Their team focus in sharing best practices on search engine, semantic and technical SEO. They share well researched and informative SEO articles.

47. Cognitive SEO blog

SEO Blogs from cognitive SEO provide cutting-edge digital marketing research. Get notified of the latest digital marketing strategy insights.

48. Search Engine People Blog

Search engine people is Canada’s most trusted search engine optimization, PPC and digital marketing company. The SEO category of its blog provides the latest news, tips, and trends about SEO.

49. Search Engine Magazine

From link building to Google’s latest algorithm changes, search engine magazine covers news and tactics related to the search engine marketing industry.

50. Seoblog.com

The Seo blog founded in 2013, this blog cover up topics related to SEO news, tutorials, tools, and recommendations.

51. SEO Hacker

SEO-Hacker is a search engine optimization service company and SEO Blog in the Philippines. It is a group made up of SEO whether it is a black or white hat.


SEO is not something you can learn once, it feels like you have it down. This is an evolving practice as search engines update and try new things.

If you care about how your site behaves, it’s worth your time to focus on SEO tips, tricks, and updates, such as those covered in the blogs listed here.

Originally published at italkseo.quora.com.

Amit Purohit

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