FREE Digital Awareness Course
by Digitalmarketingprofs in Rohini Delhi

FREE Digital Awareness Course
by Digitalmarketingprofs in Rohini Delhi

Fed up with the current cash crises,
Don’t know how to operate online,

No Need to Worry Now,

Just Go Digital join the new age of cashless transactions,
Understand how internet works ,
How to use online transactions easily ,
How digital world is beneficial for you in day to day life,

This is something we’ve never done before.

Over the past couple of years at Digital Marketing Profs, we’ve created numerous digital marketing courses designed to impart professional knowledge to anyone who want learn this topic in depth.

Our Mission

We Digital Marketing Profs a Rohini Delhi Based Professional institute is on a mission to teach as many people about new age technologies in easy and understandable ways.

Why take this course!

Digital skills are critical for everyone now a days as the world is changing fast digitally.

With most of our Indian population still digitally illiterate we have initiated a special free digital awareness course for the benefit of masses. So that financial problem does not come in the way of learning this amazing subject.

As you can all see that conventional marketing is going down and online marketing is on the rise .Anything either it is a service or a product are available online for all of us. Trend of plastic money is increasing with the passage of time, so you have to be digitally updated.

About the course

This is a classroom based course currently available in Rohini Delhi .Our one month free digital marketing awareness course is for all age groups and any background.There are no hidden charges only one time registration fees of Rs 999/- only .Seats for this course are very limited and will be given on first come first serve basis.For admission purpose you can visit our institute of contact the admin department at 9810501504 ,9811228464 .

This is a digital marketing awareness campaign which will make you aware about the new and exiting world of internet.

We have designed our awareness program in such a way that you can easily understand and implement all the online processes effortlessly with a confident.We will make you ready for the new digital age.

Our motive is to make you digitally literate so that you can move ahead with ease in a digital environment comfortably.

Course is for four different sections of people. Fifth module of the course will be specific for the students . Like for general people the course content of fifth module will be different as they face different problems and we will give solutions to those problems. Business persons in todays world will have different problem then general person so the will be given solutions of there specific problems.

Our course include Following :-

1. How internet works/ Benefit of Internet in today world.

2. Scope of Digital marketing in India.

3. Search Engine/ Scope/ How they work.

4. Topic of Digital marketing




· Online business generation

5. Individual benefit session of digital marketing

· For General people

· For business owner

· For students/Job seekers

· For business owners/Professionals

6. SEO Basics

7. SMM Basics

8. PPC

9. Online Business Generation

10. More ways to earn money online

11. Problem session / Future scope

For more information please feel free to call us @ our number +91–98–10–501–504 ,+91–98–11–225–996.