College teaches the liberal arts
Ryan Deiss — 3 Reasons Why College is (still) a Lie
James Altucher

Except, this statement isn’t true by any stretch! This is misleading and part of the vaccuum that creates confusion. Moreover, a deeper review of your analysis of “Everything I do now” has been influenced by your decisions and that includes your formal education even if you had a bad experience. Case in point: if you started reading and writing after being thrown out of graduate school — then you finally learned a valuable lesson that should have been learnt long before that unfortunate event and was a direct result from it. Education is key to success, regradless of where it occurs. Unfortunately, there are bad college/university programs out there; however, there are a myriad of amazing opportunities as well that can provide fulfilling educational needs at an affordable price. Students are responsible for making proper choices — let’s not let poor articles like this deceive readers!

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