Face-to-Face with our Founder: Dr. Charles Prober

By: Malea Schulte

Dr. Charles Prober, Founding Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Health Education

Welcome to our blog! Thank you for tuning in to engage with the Digital Medical Education International Collaborative (Digital MEdIC). We are a team of health professionals, educators, innovators, instructional designers, and researchers who are passionate about addressing global health challenges by increasing access to relevant and compelling medical education. Digital MEdIC, established in 2016, is an initiative of the Stanford Center for Health Education. Read on for a brief interview with the Founding Executive Director of the Stanford Center for Health Education, Dr. Charles Prober.

Q: What is overarching goal of Digital MEdIC?
Dr. Prober: Our overarching goal is to increase access to relevant, reliable, and impactful health education content to populations around the world, especially those in resourced-challenged areas. The content is designed in collaboration with local health experts and aims to improve the medical knowledge of the public and their primary care givers. These primary care givers include family members, community health workers, and health professionals.
Q: What was the impetus for founding the Digital MEdIC?
Dr. Prober: There is a massive global shortage of health care providers that will not be solved by creating more medical schools and building more hospitals. The creation and sharing of modern health care information at scale will go a long way to addressing this severe shortage and the tremendous disparities in health outcomes. Digital MEdIC was founded to drive the efficient dissemination of life saving information in collaboration with dedicated partners around the world.
Q: What is Digital MEdIC’s approach to training health care professionals globally?
Dr. Prober: Our approach is to seek collaborations with local non-profit, governmental, and academic agencies, identify critical gaps in health care education, and work together to fill those gaps through the creation and aggregation of scalable and shareable education content. Much of our activity is focused on the training of health promoters, those closest to underserved and widely dispersed populations around the world.
Q: What is your vision for the future of global digital medical education?
Dr. Prober: Every year, access to digital content markedly improves as broadband is enhanced and devices become omnipresent. Delivering contemporary and compelling health care information is becoming relatively straightforward and information asymmetry is melting away. Now that we have the way to inform all populations about critical factors that affect their wellness and health we need the will to make it happen. I believe that collaborative ventures of governmental, non-profit, and health care agencies is the path forward to linking the will and the way to bend the curve of massive disparities in health outcomes around the world.

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