She Never Want To Be An Actress or A Politician, A Journey From Jayalalitha To ‘Amma’

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on Wednesday evening passed away after a heart attack. A crowd of people outside the hospital to see her in the politics of Tamil Nadu in South India including the effects can be seen. She retired from politics and the upcoming film world of the film is not a political journey offer.

Step Was Taken At The Age Of 13 films


She was born in a small Tamil Brahmin family at Mysore in 1948. In 1961 at the age of 13 as a child artist in Kannada film ‘Sri Shaila Mahathme’ their debut. As the main character in her film debut innings of 15-year-old from Kannada film. He then made several films in Hindi and English.

At The Age Of 15-year-old, She debuted in Tamil films


Tamil films have their flying careers, which the Tamil superstar MGRamachandran is the first Tamil film ‘Vennira Aadai’ the. The pair is so pleased that the people and the directors of the 30 films till Jaya Ramachandran.

1972 , Political Party AIADMK

It was the year 1972 when the Tamil superstar MG Ramachandran entered politics. In 1977, MG Ramachandran decided the time was right when he come to be the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. With his Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has also cleared the way to enter politics.

In 1980, She Retired From Films


After 300 films, she finally said goodbye to the films. In 1980 came his film ‘Nadhiyai Thedi Vandha Kadal’ last Tamil film. Ramachandran in 1982 and the party’s propaganda secretary Jayalalithaa commission appointed as a chief.

1984 was very special For Her

1984,was very adventures for Indian politics as well as for Tamil Nadu politics. Earlier this year, on behalf of the party, she was sent to the Rajya Sabha. Ramachandran While the ailment was sent to the US for treatment.

Between 1984 To 1987, She Got Many Disputes Within The Party

At 1984, MGR was ill in very serious condition.Then Jayalalitha contacts to the current prime minister of India, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and asks him to nominate her as a chief minister of Tamilnadu. When this news comes out in the party , Party has been divided into two groups. One Part of party wants that wife of Mr. Ramchandran, Janki Ramachandran should be as nominated as CM of Tamilnadu and another group of party wants Jayalalitha as a CM of Tamilnadu

AIADMK returned in 1988 with a win

AIADMK won in 1988 and Janaki Ramachandran was made the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, But the government fell within 21 days. It was cleared indication and nobody can stop Jayalalitha to became as chief minister of Tamilnadu after the resignation of Janaki.

In 1989, standoff with DMK


In 1989. DMK chief M. Karunanidhi and Chief MinisterJayalalithaa has increased so much war of words between them the impact of this war was seen on other MLA’s of the party.The war of words that has even led the abuse occurredThis incident changed the history of Tamil Nadu and Jayalalithaa emerged as a CM of Tamilnadu.

That historical moment of 1991

There was an atmosphere of elections in the state, Political parties and analysts everywhere were equating the surveys and making assumptions. Jayalalitha defeats all equations of analyst and surveys , she and her party won 225 seats out of 234 assembly seats and shown the way out of the house to DMK. That was the moment when Jayalalithaa’s supporters renamed her name as ‘Amma’

In 1996, Defeat and Prison

Because of allegations of corruption against her and her closeness with Sasikala, She lost the elections of 1996 .Further investigation has also been ordered After which she was sent behind bars.The battle lasted too long for all the allegations. In 2001, She was finally proved innocent.

Again a strong return in 2001


In 2001 Assembly elections Amma returned to politics again.And there full of enthusiasm among his fans and party workers and the impact appeared as the party’s victory.But because of allegations running on her, she failed to become the chief minister. After that, O. P. Panneerselvam becomes the CM of Tamilnadu.

In 2003, she became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu again.

In 2003, the Madras High Court acquitted all cases of her, followed by AIADMK MLA’s seat left for him, at which is she won. Then he became chief minister of the state.

She faces defeat again in 2006

In 2006 assembly polls, she faces defeat against DMK.

In 2011, the impact of Amma is again works

With the win again in 2011, Amma was sworn in as chief minister for the third time.

Again in 2014, She faces charges of corruption and disproportionate wealth.

Corruption and disproportionate assets case, with the Court to 4 years imprisonment imposed a penalty of Rs 100 crore. Amma came out after a few months in jail and in 2015 was again acquitted.

She also made history in 2016 elections

It was the year 2016 when she changed the history of the state, for his success and once again she was holding the post of Chief Minister.

Became ill in September 2016

After complaining of fever and dehydration, she was forced to admit to the Apollo Hospital in Chennai on 22 September.

There were rumors spreading since September 22

The rumors that she was no more. Denying the hospital spokesman was constantly telling people about her health.

Amma had died on December 5


After a heart attack came on Sunday, December 4th. Amma breathed his last night on December 5 to 11. 30 pm and retired from the world.