What Is CRO — Conversion Rate Optimization — A 9 Step Process of CRO

CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers

CRO ? ~:-P

I was writing a blog about Tools For Digital Marketing, At the same time CRO term clicked in my mind and I stopped that blog in between and start writing this blog that what is Conversion Rate Optimization ? and what is the process of conversion rate optimization?

Mostly every digital marketer or any website owner do CRO in different-different terms but what is the actual process of CRO? So I’ve started research and I found an interview about CRO i.e, An interview covering the process, tools, and skills needed to increase conversion, leads, and sales.

CRO - Karl-and-Ben-at-the-Googleplex
Image Source: SmartInsights

This interview was published on smartinsights.com and this interview was taken in 2010 by Dave Chaffey with Ben Jesson and Karl Blanks (CRO Experts). In this interview, Ben and Karl give a very clear picture about conversion rate optimization through the info-graphic.

In this interview, they explore how Conversion Rate Experts approaches optimization since I and many digital marketing consultant think companies, agencies, and consultants can learn a lot about their approach to returning the commercial returns from websites of all types.

After reading their interview, I thought I should share it with my audience also so you can review your processes against it. You can read more about their process on their blog where they expand upon each step.


CRO | Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO Tips

If you want even more examples of what’s possible with conversion improvement, watch the video in the header of their website.

I hope this infographic will help you a lot but if you want to read the full interview about Conversion Rate Optimization and it’s process — Click Here

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