Top Free Tools for Competitor Keyword Research

Need of Competitor Keyword Research:

Competitor Keyword Research helps as a baseline for you before entering into the market. It gives a complete figure on what to do and how to do to be in top in our field. Before going for SEO, it is good to get a quick layout on the activities of your competitors. Here there are few things on what you need to know initially

  • Have a look on the keywords on which your competitors are focusing for. This gives an idea on which areas you need to invest in.
  • Build a strategy where your competitors are strong with the keywords.
  • Point out where your competitors are week. This helps you to build a new strategy differentiating you from your competitors with a new approach.

How to do Competitor Keyword Research:

There are some professional and premium SEO tools where you need an access to do the competitors keyword research. There are some free tools too which are listed below gives you a variety of keywords used by your competitors by just submitting your competitors URL. These competitor keyword research tools will help you to know which keywords brings them traffic as well as much more information helps to your SEO.

List of Free Tools for Competitor Keyword Research:

  • Open Site Explorer :

Open Site Explorer is a Moz extension. First you have to create an account to access the tool. Submit the competitors URL and click on the Anchor Text Distribution tab.

This gives you few keywords that your competitor uses for anchor text. This lets you know on what they are targeting and how strong their link building campaign is.

  • Google Adwords Keywords Tool :

We all know about Google Adwords Keyword Planner. This is a common way to get the ideas of more keywords by using a keyword. But you can submit the URL too to get the ideas.

Here you can see the keywords which are extracted from a particular page in the website which are not only from homepage. If your domain is in the form of or such other type of page, you will not get any suggestions from the homepage. You can get from other specific pages from the site which google adwords recognizes from those.

  • Semrush

From Semrush, you will get the top ten keywords for which the website ranks for organically. It shows in the form of keyword, position of ranking in search results, Search volume, CPC, traffic percentage and other useful information. This is useful mainly when you for PPC for your website. You can know which URL ranks for the specific keyword in the website through Semrush.

  • Alexa

Apart from the traffic score, Alexa also provides the keywords list that brings high traffic to the particular web URL. But it takes few steps to go, enter your competitor URL when you enter into the site info tab. After getting details, click on the search analysis tab to know top queries which drives more traffic to the website.

Some more general and paid competitor keyword research tools :

  • Semphonic — It provides competitive reports by tracking their keyword rankings.
  • Sistrix — It is similar to searchmetrics.
  • Ispionage — It is similar to Keywordspy.
  • Keycompete — It shows the paid keywords of competitors.
  • Jumpshot — It is a tool by Avast, leverage their user data similar to or similarweb.
  • com — It shows keywords that send competing sites the most traffic.
  • org — Gives only the age and past appearance of the website.
  • 90 DataGrabber — This is a also a free excel spreadsheet consists of majestic and senrush APIs to pull competitive research data. It has some paid versions too.
  • SEO Tools for Excel — This is a free excel spreadsheet with many SEO related features inserted in it.
  • Netpeak Checker — Pulls research data from 3rd party sources in the market.
  • Quantcast — Gives site traffic and demographic details.
  • Google Trends for websites — This is a free tool shows traffic estimates, visitors country location, top 10 related websites and top 10 keywords.
  • URL profiler — This is a paid product similar to Netpeak which pulls more data.
  • SEO Gadget — This is another excel based suite of SEO tools.
  • Rank Tank — This is for common SEO functions like rank checking. It is a collection of Google Drive / Docs spreadsheets. Based on Docs, there is also a simple audit tool.
  • Spyfu — This gives the competitors ranking keywords in the SERP. It has a best feature that it gives the past historical rankings at a glance, monthly SERP snapshot for a decade.
  • Similarweb — It is similar to, tracks a global data set.
  • Hitwise — It is a paid tool similar to
  • Keywordspy — It is similar to Keycompete. It gives more data including affiliate data and cached ad copy.
  • Search Metrics — It provides the competitors historical ranking data, link data. First it focus on enterprise competitors sites.
  • Getstat — It is completely enterprise focused research tool.
  • Trellian Competitive Intelligence — It gives the complete set of keywords for which the competitors are ranking for.