6 Social listening tools: To enhance before and after sales services.

In today’s competitive e-market, after sales service is as important as providing a quality product. In fact, it can be used to differentiate your product from that of competitors. To enhance after-sales service it is important to keep a constant eye on social media. These social platforms can immensely affect the image of a brand in a positive as well as negative manner. To make it easier to monitor what is being said about you on these platforms there are various listing tools to aid you in helping your customers with any issue they are facing:

Hootsuite: the Most widely used tool for monitoring social media platform, it can be used as a dashboard for managing Twitter, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and much more. It is not important that everyone will tag you in their respective post but with Hootsuite it is possible to scan who is talking about you in real time. Hootsuite is not only a social listening tool it also helps to increase engagement, analysing how well your social broadcast is performing and securing logins and protecting the profile’s data. Hootsuite also helps in scheduling posts on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Social Mention: It is considered probably the best free social listing tool. Social Mention does not even need registration and monitors 100+ social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, FriendFeed, Digg, etc. simultaneously in depth. There are tools in Social Mention that help in determining if the post is positive or negative and also lets you know the top users of the keyword you are searching, etc. Social mention also gives you the option to search your keyword in blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, images, videos and even in questions.

TweetDeck: TweetDeck, as the name suggest is all about twitter. No registration is required but you have to login into the tweeter account you want to keep a check on in a different window/ tab or you can log into the account via TweetDeck. With TweetDeck, you can search for keywords, particular tweet or post and you can even schedule your post on Twitter. TweetDeck can be used to manage multiple accounts at a time. You can also customize your dashboard, monitor multiple tabs at the same time, make changes in profile, etc. TweetDeck makes handling twitter much more detailed and expands the horizon by adding tools that are missing.

Klout: It is a site and application that applies social media analytics to rank its users by assigning a “Klout Score”, the score ranges from 1–100. Klout uses data from Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Bing, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Wikipedia to create the user profile that is then ranked accordingly. Higher the rank, higher is the social influence of that profile. Klout has also announced to improve business analytics tools on their platform to help business and brand user have better knowledge about their audience online.