While the cryptocurrency frenzy isn’t over, scammers, spammers and thieves are using multiple opportunities on telegram chats to lure users into sending coins their way instead of the ICO’s they actually wish to buy into.

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We decided to create a bot to assist these channels, we call it ICOM.


  • Impersonator detection:

It will monitor your channel and detect if any user joins with a similar username or name to that of the current channel admins. One regular trick we’ve seen from scammers is that they will change their nicknames or names to appear similar to the admins and join channels and then PM users asking them for transfers. Anytime a user joins the channel the bot will monitor and warn you of these possibilites.

Warning the admin @balgan that there is an impersonator on the channel.
  • Help message every 10 minutes:

The bot will allow you to set a Help message that will be posted onto the channel every 10 minutes. This is where you should put your general information that you feel your users might need. You can also use !info to request this message.

  • Who are the admins?

Usually telegram channels have a lot of participants, to get a quick overview of who are the admins, use !admins

  • Sale/pre-sale date:

Your users no longer need to ask what is the sale/pre-sale date. They can just “!dates” and the bot will let them know what the sale/pre-sale dates are.

  • Email /Twitter / URL:

Getting the contact information for the ICO is a “!contacts” away.

  • Spam / Impersonator global list:

We’re developing a global list of spammers and impersonators we have detected across all channels and the bot will be able to consume from this list and automatically ban any user as soon as they join the channel.

  • Hashtags and URL remover:

As an admin you will be able to activate a function on the bot that will automatically remove all messages containing hashtags and URLs posted by non-admins, therefore stopping spam and channel redirections onto other channels.

If you want to change one of the properties you set on the request form, you can do so inside Telegram.

PM @DR_ICOBot on telegram and use:

!properties <your_chat_name>

And then if you want to change for example the dates:

!set <your_chat_name> “ICO Sale date” “01/01/01”

How do I get it?

Read the instructions and use the video for support if needed:

1 — Start by adding the @DR_ICOBOT to your channel and set him as admin (make sure you don’t give permission to set others as admins as we don’t need it and gives you safety and control over your channel).

2 — Transfer ETH to: 0x764Cc9a994189cfAfB76BE300758C4F31Eb4aC0c as payment for the service.

0.3 ETH will provide you with 1 year of bot services, please make sure you check that your transfer has arrived you can do that here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x764Cc9a994189cfAfB76BE300758C4F31Eb4aC0c

3 — Fill out the following form:


4 — PM the bot and use the command “!renew <ICO Telegram Channel> <tx hash>” (in the future if you want to add more days / credits to the bot you just need to execute this part.)

5 — PM @DR_ICOBOT and use the command (including the <>) “!activate <ICO Telegram Channel> <request code>” The request code will have been sent to the email you added to the form.

I need to ask you guys for a new feature or support:

team (@) digitalroyalty.network is where you want to send your email.

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DigitalRoyalty is a group of friends that got together to experiment with new technology, do research and development. Check us out: www.digitalroyalty.network

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