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Sarah Klein
Product Obsessed 🚀 Tech Fanatic 💻 Startup Founder 📈Design Enthusiast 🎨 Doctor Wife 👨‍⚕️ Barbet Mom 🐶🐶 Chaotic Good 🧝‍♀ Halloween baby 👻.

It’s been an interesting 2020 so far for everyone, and at this point I think we’re all feeling like we might wake up tomorrow to find it’s somehow 2025.

All this time has me doing what I do best, learn. I’ve signed up for Codecademy where I’m learning more about data, LinkedIn learning which is teaching me how to transition to Product Management, and even Masterclass where Ron Finley has my herb garden flourishing and so many new plants propagated in our apartment.

My most recent purchase, in an effort to bring some routine back to my life while I’m…

Sarah Klein

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