Digital printing is the process of printing of digital printing — based images directly onto a variety of media substrates. There are no needs for a printing plate, unlike with offset printing. Digital files such as PDFS or desktop publishing files can be sent directly to the digital printing press to print on paper, photo paper, canvas, fabric, synthetics, card stock and other substrates.

Digital printing Vs Offset printing:

Digital printing differs from traditional. Analog printing methodology such as Offset printing because digital printing machines do not require printing plates. Instead of using metal plates to transfer an image, digital printing presses print the image directly onto the media substrate.

Digital production print technology is evolving quickly and digital printing output quality is improving continuously. These advancements are delivering print quality that mimics offset. Digital printing enables additional advantages, including,

Classic Digital Printing

a) Personalized,variable data printing (VDP)

b) Print-on- demand

c) Cos effective short runs

d) Fast turnarounds

Digital printer:

There are many types of digital printing machines, including production printing presses such as sheet-fed production printers, cut-sheet digit presses, production inkjet printers and continuous feed printers. The top Brand for this category is Xerox and there are many different Brands as well. There is Xerox Color, iGEN, Versant, Nuvera and D series production printers as well as Xerox Brenva, CiPress, Rialto, Trivor and Impika production inkjet and continuous feed printers.

Various types of Digital print media

Digital printing machines can print on everything from thick card stock, heavy weight papers and folding cartons to fabric, plastics, plastics and synthetic substrates.T-shirting is a very popular digital printing applications and some digital printers can print on other fabrics besides T-shirts including linen and polyester.

The different types of Digital printing devices:

a) Inkjet

The Inkjet printer is a reliable and popular machine that is designed to copy an image from a digital device and reproduce it on paper o plastic. They work in a very intricate fashion, essentially firing hundreds of small ink bullets onto the paper to create your desired image. It’s ideal for printing brightly colored images and text.Another kind of printing services.

b) Laser

A laser printer is an electrostatic machine that uses a laser to reproduce an image from a digital device. During the process the laser moves back and forth across a plank situated within the printer. This creates static electricity, which releases toner onto the page and prints your desired image.This is another kind of printing services

c) Digital Press

A digital press is essentially a digitized version of a traditional press. They are typically employed by large companies to produce high-volume orders. Their quality is exceptional frothier commercial purposes they are more expensive than the inkjet printer. This printing service is very effective.

Advantages of Offset Printing:

Some projects may warrant heading to ta local print shop and asking for offset printing. It involves transferring ink from a metal plate, often made with aluminum to a rubber planket.

Digital printing advantages:

Digital printing technology excels at producing on demand and short print runs quickly and cost effectively. Digital printing is also an ideal platform for personalization. If one needs to easily modify images and messages using variable data printing (VDP) then digital printing is the only way to go.Its known as the best printing services.

Digital Printing