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Recently, the most big issue in CCTV market must be the expansion of Full — HD (High Definition) system. The change of resolution from the existing SD (Standard — Definition) class (720x480 in case of NTSC) to Full HD (1920x1080, 1080p) requires the whole system change, not only the video quality enhancement of camera simply. Because the conventional SD — CCTV (NTSC/PAL) is based on analog TV standard, it could not meet the market request for the high — resolution, clearer video image in digital era of HD TV. The first step for high resolution was started from Megapixel IP camera adopting HD class image sensor, and recently HD — SDI transmission technology which have been used for digital video transmission between broadcasting equipment was grafted into CCTV market , and introduced as the name of HD — CCTV system.

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