5 Tips to Choose Best Cell Phone for Elderly

The use of mobile phone may pose problems for the elderly, but also can significantly improve their quality of life and can prove to be a life-saver. There are cell phones that are specifically designed for the senior citizens. Technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate and organise their lives. Cell phones for elderly can do similar things for your ageing parents. Cell phones can be programmed to remind seniors to take their medication or attend a doctor’s appointment. Big button mobile phones are more convenient to seniors as many of them have difficulty with their vision.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the tips for choosing the best mobile phones for elderly:

  1. Select a budget:

Selecting a budget before buying a phone is the best thing to do. Most of the seniors are not interested in mobile gaming or social networking, so it’s a waste to buy a high-tech smartphone for them. Mobile phone should be purchased according to the needs of the particular person. A simple big button mobile phone will be cheaper in price and will fulfil all the basic needs of the elderly person.

2. Pick a cellphone-style:

There are three main styles of mobile phones — Touchscreen, Keypad or Full keyboard. What will work better for the senior citizen, depends on the mental and physical state of the individual. Some people who have diminished physical and mental capacity may struggle with touchscreen devices, so most of the senior citizens prefer big button mobile phones as they are more convenient and easy to use.

3. Special accessibility needs:

Cell phones for elderly are just as cool as the ones for teenagers. Many special features are offered in the cell phones for elderly for safety reasons. Fall detection is one of the features that detects if someone falls and it then calls a helpline or calls centre for instant help. Reminders for an appointment with doctor or medication can also be programmed. Many such features are available in the cell phones for elderly.

4. Easily accessible:

Most of the senior citizens have a problem with their vision, so the screen should be large, bright and easy to read. Big buttons are highly recommended so that it becomes easy for the user to access the mobile phone. Easy access is the main required feature of the cell phone for aged people.

5. Highly audible:

The adjustments for volume should be easy to find and use. A large button on one side of the phone is usually the best choice. Many seniors wear hearing aids, and it’s important that the phone is compatible in this situation. The speakers should be powerful enough for older adults to use without their hearing aid.

Mobile phone service providers also offer special services for senior citizens. Older phone users want to ensure that their family and friends are within reach. The direct dial option is the best way to keep them at ease. It’s better if they can communicate with their loved ones in the easiest way. Big button mobile phones provide the best services in case of senior citizens.

Originally published at digitaltecuk.blogspot.com.