If you decide to put up a physical retail store, it is going to cost you a lot. From design and architecture to space rent, to decor, to furniture, to lights, to employees, and products, there is a long list of expenditure involved. The better that your store looks and the better its functionality, it will attract more customers and boost sales. The same thing happens on an eCommerce website. Your online store caters to a wide range of people across the globe. …

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Every business — small or big, only has one set goal, which is to enhance and grow the sales. Every business has a wide range of products that they want to showcase to potential customers. Having a catalog that displays all the products that your business offers, is a great marketing effort to increase sales. In fact, catalogs have the ability to bring in customers who are completely unaware of your brand. Apart from being cost-efficient marketing tools, product catalogs are also a great way of building brand awareness and expanding the customer base for your business. In short, more…

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As a business, you should always be ready to go that extra mile when it comes to improving sales. Companies that are working towards expanding their brand turn towards the most unlikely places.

Business will grow only when it properly showcase its products and services to the target audience. It is better to plan the most effective way to showcase your services and results.

Owning a business magazine or starting your own business magazine can be an excellent sales booster. A business magazine makes it easy to market products and a visual presentation is always better. For the matter of…

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Even in an increasingly digital world, printed catalogs remain one of the most popular ways to sell a physical product. Not only are they tactile and easy-to-use, but they can also be integrated into a multichannel marketing strategy.

A well designed and printed catalog can also quickly reach out to thousands of customers who have never visited your physical or online store. For anyone thinking of creating one for the first time, here is a guide on how to create a printed catalog that makes sales.

1. Creating the structure of a print catalog

Flick through any number of print…


For quite some time we’ve been told print media is on the way out and digital is the future. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Research has shown that around 44% of consumers read 1–2 printed magazines a month. When you compare this to 27% of people who read 1–2 digital magazines a month, you can see there is still a strong demand for printed media.

Most people don’t have an established publisher to help them self-publish a magazine, but that doesn’t stop new ones appearing all the time. It’s a great way to share your passion and…

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Apart from the social media boom, if there’s anything in the 21st century that has catalysed our transition to the internet, it is blogging. With more and more avenues and platforms open for people to express their opinions, there is a humongous amount of content available on the internet. Bearing that in mind, many websites have a blog section to engage users and solve their queries.

While SEO and other ranking and optimization techniques are important considerations while writing a blog, merely using the right keywords isn’t enough to get the attention of your target audience. At the end of…

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Writers spend most of their day writing or thinking about what they should write next. Which is why maintaining a journal can be a tad bit difficult for writers. After spending day in and day out writing, our brain just does not cooperate further. Why maintain a journal after all that, right? Plus, with our smartphones and laptops being our constant companions, writing down things on paper feels like a task. That’s where we are wrong. Maintaining a journal has quite a lot of benefits, especially for writers. Even well-established authors take inspiration by reading their favourite books or by…

Today, Smartphone has become a basic need. Isn’t it a nightmare when your phone battery dies and you are away from a charging point or a power bank? Nowadays, big battery mobiles are available with technology like fast charging but, no battery can last forever.

No one likes to get stuck in a situation where battery drains off. Thus, here are some tricks that you can follow to lessen the battery drainage time of your smartphones.

1) Turn ‘Power Saving Mode’ on

Almost all smartphones have light sensors. You can turn the power saving mode ON or keep the brightness setting as ‘AUTO’. This will automatically…

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Internet of Things (IoT) emergence assures a well-integrated & efficient connection to the Internet. Industrial IoT Platform uses common objects around us & transforms them into functionally linked devices with the Internet. The paradigm shift in terms of IoT has brought radical revolution in the manner in which people are dealing with objects in their vicinity. It paves the path for making pervasively linked infrastructures to sustain inventive services and guarantees better flexibility and competence.

As we begin a new year, it is now time for the marketers to look back into the world of search in 2018 to see what strategies have worked and what needs improvement. Google changes every year and so does the SEO trends & techniques. Marketers and webmasters are constantly finding opportunities to outgrow the competition and grow their businesses.

2018 has seen some major changes in the search world and it has been exciting for most of the SEOers. The year started with an announcement of the ‘speed update’ which was quietly released in the month of June. In…

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