Sunstar club with a difference

Sunstar Club is a club that is different from all the other clubs around you. We have created our schemes in a way that you won’t have to doubt or have second thoughts before investing your time and money into us.

1) Selling back the ownership- Sunstar Club is the only club which is different from the regular ones. We, at Sunstar Club offer you an opportunity of withdrawing your name. If you want to sell your ownership due to any unfortunate reasons, we give you an opportunity to do so at the end of the 10th and the 20th year. We will be the one to buy back your ownership at the very same price that you bought it at.

2) Encashing the unused stays- Sunstar club is a club that gives you an immense opportunity to encash the stays that are not being utilized by you. They promise to give back Rs. 4000 back that is 2% of your initial investment.

3) Perks of applying first- We are giving a special offer for the first 180 families. 6 extra nights will be given to these families. So instead of 30 days in a year, you will now get an opportunity to bag 36 nights in a year. This offer won’t just be valid for one year. You will rather get these 36 nights for the next 20 years of your membership.

4) Gift a vacation- We don’t just take care of our customers but their family and friends as well. We at Sunstar club give you a choice of gifting your vacation to your near and dear ones. So if you are unable to use your days, you can even gift them to you extended family and friends.

What is better than getting all these privileges and that to at such a subsidized price. We have made our policies in a way that you won’t get a chance to regret that you invested your valuable and hard earned money with us.

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