Digitorney Launches Globally Unique App For Business Law

Jan 21 · 2 min read

Digitorney launches its globally unique App called “LXPRT” [lɛksˈpɛʁt] for smartphones and tablets. Users can submit legal questions and get a digital memorandum. In addition, the App gives access to legal templates (e.g. SPAs, NDAs) and legal slides. Furthermore, it allows for digital search requests for business lawyers in almost 50 countries. As all other digital solutions of Digitorney, this App has been developed inhouse and can be used with Apple and Android devices.

“In practice, there are often situations where companies or law firms need to preclarify a single legal question in another jurisdiction but don’t want to involve a law firm at this stage. Digitorney now covers this type of needs in a digital manner — on a global scale and with legal tech”, says Dr. Ruediger Theiselmann, CEO of Digitorney Group.

In order to use “Digitorney LXPRT“, executives, general counsels or lawyers first download the App via the App / Play Store of Apple or Google. Thereafter, they can submit a legal question in English, Dutch or German via a digital form. Subsequently, Digitorney comes up with a quote, a time indication and any clarification needs. Upon final sign-off by the user the digital memorandum is created by lawyers. Each memorandum is produced by lawyers from Digitorney’s global business law network or by way of legal tech software (e.g. document automation, artificial intelligence).

Optionally, legal advisory services can be offered on explicit request from the user. In this regard, the digital lawyer search function of the “Digitorney LXPRT“ App comes into play: Based on individual search criteria, Digitorney suggests suitable candidates, creates a written case summary and then connects the user with the selected lawyer.

As a complementary service, the “Digitorney LXPRT” App provides digital access to legal slides and a variety of legal templates such as contracts which can optionally be customized by lawyers from the Digitorney network on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, legal tech solutions (e.g. from HighQ and Leverton) can be booked via the App.

“Based on the first phase of our ongoing token sale, we’ve implemented this innovative App. In conjunction with our market place Digitorney Plus we drive the digitization of business law and at the same time Digitorney’s organic growth on a global scale”, comments Dr. Ruediger Theiselmann.

About Digitorney:

Digitorney is a digital B2B marketplace for business law. Digitorney finds suitable lawyers across all legal fields and creates case summaries — worldwide and in a digital manner. Furthermore, companies and law firms can make use of legal tech solutions (e.g. blockchain messenger, artificial intelligence, document automation, digital collaboration). At the same, lawyers from corporate law firms of every size and type benefit from innovative business development services. Digitorney addresses to a market that generates USD 349 billion per annum globally.


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Digitorney® is a world leading market place in the fields of business law. We connect lawyers with companies in a digital manner and offer legal tech solutions.

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