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In a challenging service economy which makes us question every paradigm we’ve known about labour and employment, it’s important for each individual to remain competitive and open to opportunities. Our times are market by a deeply post-industrial status-quo, and the security of our jobs is subjected to unpredictable dynamics that are driven by innovation.

There has never been a greater time to rethink what exactly it is that makes us human and how we can win this race against automated labour and artificial intelligence. But ultimately, we can all agree that this journey must be driven by creativity and the ability to perceive emotions as an appendix of our learning and critical thinking.

If machines keep on taking our jobs and distances become irrelevant in plenty of cases, then how are we going to survive the wind of changes? Well, that’s the primordial question which gave birth to the Digiwage project, and our team has sought answers in the latest technologies available. We want people everywhere to be able to search and find work opportunities in fields from all over the spectrum of labour markets, and be able to do what they do best and possibly enjoy in a decentralized, transparent, and honest way.

While the struggle of creating a free and inclusive market for professionals and entrepreneurs is not new and there are plenty of projects which aim to provide a solution to the same issue, we believe that our understanding of the freelancing philosophy, combined with the use of the blockchain is the way to the future and a tremendous way of securing our labour markets.

These two questions are essential and we feel like we should address them right away. First of all, it’s inevitable to not have a similar project which aims to achieve a similar goal. Before Bitcoin and the blockchain we’ve had Nick Szabo’s Bitgold (which was an interesting experiment which never really worked due to consensus issues), Wei Dai’s B-Money, and David Chaum’s DigiCash.

Similarly, Digiwage takes essential teachings from websites like Fiverr, and improves on many aspects which regard the exchange between the freelancer and the employer. And unlike many projects in the space, we actually run our own blockchain and use a Proof of Stake mining strategy with Masternodes to secure the chain.

Digiwage has never had an ICO, didn’t just print convenient ERC20 tokens, and is entirely self-funded. We think that this dimension is essential for our integrity and credibility in the space, and we are committed to deliver the best experience possible.

But let’s get back to the initial question: Why does DigiWage require a blockchain and a cryptocurrency of its own? Well, it’s very simple: we want to make sure that the transactions benefit from minimal fees, we want the project to be truly decentralized and unrelated to the well-being of a dapp platform, and we want to incentivize enthusiasts to join the revolution and help develop the freelance work token of the future.

There is also a clear advantage when it comes to immutability of generated data, as every transaction that users make on Digiwage.org gets stored on the blockchain. This is a great way to maintain accurate data on the accounts and their activity (unlike eBay or Fiverr where information can arbitrarily get deleted from their servers), while also insuring an environment where fraud is impossible.

Now that we’ve mentioned Fiverr, let’s point out to the most essential difference: incentives and fees. While Fiverr is a popular solution, it has two major flaws: it only gives the freelancers 80% of the funds (so they actually receive only $4 in a $5 transaction) and makes use of the obsolete PayPal system. It’s inconvenient for the working professional to not get all the money that he or she is entitled to, and the employer also has to pay ridiculous fees that aren’t always transparent.

The Digiwage platform makes use of its native WAGE currency and gives 100% of the funds to the working professional, just like we think is fair. There is a transaction fee which the employee has to pay, but that’s universal and fairer than anything else similar fiat-based services provide.

Furthermore, Digiwage doesn’t distinguish between “amateurs” and “pros”. We believe in a free market which allows people to compete according to their merits and what they can deliver, without taking into consideration previous experiences and works. We won’t be giving a privileged status to certain users just because they provide an impressive CV when they sign-up. If that experience of yours is so valuable, then you will definitely prove it to the customers as you remain competitive and show everyone how great you truly are.

Last but not least, we’ve added a dedicated “Buyer Requests” section that’s meant to balance the supply-demand chain. Let’s say that Joe is looking for a musical producer, but there isn’t one on the website (or at least nobody has created an account with a relevant description). As soon as professional see that there is demand for their field of expertise, they will jump in and adoption will consequently grow. The more people join Digiwage, the closer we get to achieving our dream of connecting professionals from all across the world and allowing them to transact freely and fairly.

More topical articles to describe the marvellous universe of Digiwage are about to come, so you better stay tuned and participate in this revolution of labour and freelancing. Sign up, offer up your skills, and help us all move into a new era of autonomous professionals!

Useful links:

The Digiwage Whitepaper: https://coin.digiwage.org/Digiwage_White_Paper_2.0.pdf

The Digiwage Platform: https://www.digiwage.org

The Digiwage FAQ: https://www.digiwage.org/faq.php

Follow Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/digiwage

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