A Letter

To whomsoever it may concern,

Sorry for differing in an opinion when it comes to politics.
Sorry for doing things in an alternative way.
Sorry for not watching the cool TV series or anime which you guys watch.
Sorry that I don’t ever speak in an accent.
Sorry that being a Mechanical engineering student, I’m not interested in cars.
Sorry that I haven’t read the mainstream books.
Sorry that I don’t have a taste of fashion like you.
Sorry that I preferred making contacts for life and not mere by profession.
Sorry that I don’t discriminate you on basis of your contacts or ethnicity.
Sorry that I don’t feel racially superior and feel others to be inferior.
Sorry that I try to learn languages wherever I go and also little bit about the culture too.
Sorry that I don’t have the mainstream music taste.
Sorry that I can’t pretend to be cool and be insecure within.
Sorry that I can’t be someone you want me to be.
Sorry that I preferred being not called senior or act senior.
Sorry that I can’t carry an attitude or ego about my accomplishments.
Sorry that I prefer selectively socialising.
Sorry that I prefer being down to earth and not flaunt myself.
Sorry that I hate blabbering about my goals.

Sorry that I’m very frank and can’t be naive with words.

Sorry for not having an elite company like yours.
Sorry that I made juniors my kins.
Sorry I can’t be playing games all time and be a victim.
Sorry that I’m a misfit as per your world
Sorry that I preferred to be different and not someone who’s mainstream
Sorry that I can’t be someone who you want to be coz I prefer to be myself.

Yours sincerely,