My Diary

‌When I started walking along the new route, I didn’t know what lay ahead or if I would return successful in this new venture. I had no one to accompany me that day. Should I be the person who I actually am or someone who is there at the meetings? Should I be the person I am in front of my friends or my peers? I decided to be the former,the guy who observes everything and smiles at pleasures unknown, for the day. I’ll experiment myself, going through those old lanes which made me what I am and yes trying out the food I used to. You might be wondering what’s the difference then and how it’s fun. It’s been two years but for me this will be a chance to relieve myself, momentarily from all ties that I want. Life in Delhi for that year was fun like friends, adventurous like game of thrones for me. This time I’ll be clicking some photos because they’ll be a part of the album I’ve been looking so far. Solo trips couldn’t have been better for me once again. If you find me introvert, it’s your wish but the pleasure of a solo trip is immeasurable.

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