The curious case of Ms Iyer

It was another day. It had been raining since the past two days. But she had the audacity to make a cup of coffee and stand by the window staring at the water droplets falling in front of her from the window sill. Surprising isn’t it?

Yes that’s how neighbours looked at her. She lived in that small 2 BHK Flat in Kolkata. She has been living there alone for the past two years. I remembered how Kakima said once, “Orey Baba, don’t talk to her, she’ll make you a different person.” Yet there were very few visitors to meet her. Looks like she came to Kolkata, after leaving a lot of things behind. Once Dr Ghosh had talked to her. Dr Ghosh described her as a patient suffering from some random illness. Was she a witch? I make this statement because Mrs Ghosh described her to be wearing only black colour clothes and her way of laughing. Although she managed to talk to Laably Dey, the model girl for everyone in society. As per Laably, she was friendly but weird. Guess what happened next? Mrs Dey started scrutinizing her visits to various places. She, whom I’ll call Ms Iyer, because she knew Tamil, Bengali and English was amicable. Ms Iyer and I had a chance to interact once during her stay in Kolkata. Ms Iyer loved listening to Tamil songs. This was reported by Maloti, my maid. Maloti worked sometime for Ms Iyer. Maloti often said that she might be a probashi Bengali ( Bengalis staying outside Bengali) , yet she couldn’t explain her affinity towards Tamil.

One fine day, I saw Ms Iyer leaving. She had barely got any luggage. But yes that day we exchanged glances. She hinted at something which I couldn’t guess. After she left, I decided to check her appartment. Mr Obendu was the owner so it was easy convincing him. For those of you who don’t know Mr Obendu, he’s a famous reality estate owner and the person with the maximum donation in Durga Puja. If you need any help from him in the easiest possible way, you need a to talk about the ill effects of western education in India.

I entered her flat. To my surprise, it was spotlessly clean and silent. There was no instance of drugs, alcohol, smoking unlike what Mrs Radhika Bose always mentioned in her gossip. Well, like a detective, I searched everywhere for the hint and ultimately found it. It was a diary. The discovery of Ms Iyer’s diary was more important than penicillin. I opened it to find that only one page was written. That one page had the most important message for everyone in Bakul Pada, where I stayed and I quote,

Stop judging everyone and please be mature, not everyone likes to chat around. Yes if you were wondering, I’ll leave some story behind then please contact Robendu(myself), who stared at me for no reason. I’m open to conversation and not snooping.