In general, Decentralize refers to any distribution of powers of functions from a single authority to a local or regional authority.

When we talk about Decentralized Applications, it refers to any application or program that runs on the blockchain or peer-to-peer network of computer systems rather than running on only one system.

An image showing how a decentralized system works!

A DApp system is more Secure, Reliable, and Transparent.

Some use cases for DApps:

* Financial Apps
* Semi-Financial Apps
* Other apps

DApps are executed on a blockchain system commonly using Ethereum N/w.
The app is validated using cryptographic tokens, which are needed to access apps.

Benefits of decentralized applications
* Fault tolerance
* Data integrity
* Flexible platform
* User privacy

Setbacks for decentralized applications
* Maintenance
* Hard to scale
* Network congestion
* User experience

Some examples of DApps-



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