I cant wait to find out what kind of world we live in.

Over the past couple of months I have been more in tune with the rest of the world and the impact I have on it. This time of war and hatred is not better or worse than the last…not like it ever stopped. Despite that there is this urge in me to put myself out there more and say what I think and be apart of it all. But there is a trick, to be apart of it you have to be open, you have to be vulnerable.

This was, still is, my biggest fear.

In today’s world being vulnerable has become the biggest obstacle to overcome. When I realized that most of the people around were suffering from the same thing I was, it did not make me feel better, it made me want to burst out open. And that is what I am working on now….and will probably keep on working on for the rest of my life. This is part of the journey.

But it hurts, it hurts like hell. But when I am happy, I am truly happy.

The next step is to enjoy my journey and what I love. To be patient with my soul and the way it’s open to the world. I am here to be a part of something & I want to discover it but the only way to do so is with vulnerability.

So I am starting here, with vulnerability.